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Hrm if I read right the dealer room/comic alley will be at the Hilton. Does that mean you will be there instead of the Hyatt? Or are you grouped with the band/performer groups that will have tables at the Hyatt? sorry.. I'm a DragonCon newbie..
I will be in the Hyatt with the music performers. I plan to have the big tall Erfworld banner up, so look for that. Here's my schedule:


12:30 Hyatt Concourse - Rob Balder concert
4:00 Hyatt 6&7 - Big Honkin Comedy Show (2.5 hours)


10 pm Hyatt Inman - Rob Balder & The FuMP (was Rob Balder & Worm Quartet)


4:00 Hyatt Regency V - EFF Track Webcomics Panel