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    Lightbulb [Feat] I wonder how this'll turn out...

    Chronon Power [Psionic]
    You see the outcome of your manifestations before they manifest.
    Prerequisite: Wis 15, Ability to manifest the Precognition power.
    Benefit: To use this feat you must expend your psionic focus (see the Concentration skill description, page 37 of the Expanded Psionics Handbook). In your heightened state of mind during manifestation, you see into the future and learn the direct result of your manifestion as follows.
    You learn if your power successfully or unsuccessfully affects its target, what the precise numerical values will be involved, such as how much damage or drain would be dealt or healed, or how much penalties or bonuses you would deal or receive, and if it will kill or render unconscious your target(s).
    You do not learn the resistances or defenses of your enemy, nor how he will react to the power.
    This feat is used during the exact moment of manifestation. You may decide to use the power or decide to cancel it before it is fully manifested. If you do not fully manifest you do not spend any power points. Regardless of what you see, you use up the action you would have in manifesting the power.
    You must decide whether or not to use this feat prior to manifesting. If you decide to cancel the power, you still expend your psionic focus.
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