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    I like it... not SURE about the Spasm ability... as a matter of personal preference some people might go for inducing epileptic attacks or some such make it do stunning/paralysis and mental ability score drain/damage... more about the central nervous system than the peripheral that way...

    Also, just on a quick glance, shouldn't Speed of Thought give the Elder elemental a +11 initiative modifier?

    EDIT JULY 2010:

    Play-test Data Follows:
    [21:16] <DracoDei_> It appears more as mental triggering of senses than anything tangible. Brief snatches of thought and light amongst fleeting scents and the crawling of skin that all combine into the definite knowledge of an entity.
    [21:16] <DracoDei_> Size: Large
    [21:17] <DracoDei_> 65 feet south of you.
    [21:17] <DracoDei_> Setting is an open plane.
    [21:17] <RobinFiredrake> Hmm.
    [21:18] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
    [21:21] <DracoDei_> Spheniscine, Zyborg, Robin, Creature
    [21:21] <DracoDei_> SPHENISCINE!
    [21:22] <DracoDei_> ((Lets do everything we can here, for Robin's benefit.))
    [21:22] <Zyborg22> ((Is the creature the giant sword?))
    [21:22] <Spheniscine> Heya.
    [21:22] <DracoDei_> ((Yes, that is what it is represented by...))
    [21:23] <DracoDei_> ((As for what it looks like... well, the sword is as accurate (and as inaccurate) as anything...))
    [21:23] <Spheniscine> Hmm... are there any abilities I can use to gain info on it?
    [21:24] <Spheniscine> My knowledge checks ain't that great...
    [21:24] <RobinFiredrake> I can try
    [21:24] <Spheniscine> Does he have to wait his turn?
    [21:25] <DracoDei_> The Planes would be the relevant knowledge to check.
    [21:25] <DracoDei_> He has to wait his turn... but people can Delay...
    [21:27] <Spheniscine> Ah.
    [21:27] <Spheniscine> Sure.
    [21:27] <Spheniscine> (Still can't remember that delay was possible... X3)
    [21:28] <DracoDei_> Ok, so Spheniscine is delaying...
    [21:28] <DracoDei_> That makes it Zyborg's turn...
    [21:28] <DracoDei_> ZYBORG!
    [21:28] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
    [21:30] <Zyborg22> Since I can't do a large amount of damage to it from all the way over here, I'll move next to the others and wait to see what happens.
    [21:31] <RobinFiredrake> Okay, so my go?
    [21:31] == Remi [] has joined #DracoD&D
    [21:31] <DracoDei_> Robin: Yes.
    [21:32] <RobinFiredrake> I can use my Int score to make a plains check?
    [21:32] <DracoDei_> Plus your number of ranks in it... and if you don't have any ranks in it, you can't even roll.
    [21:33] <RobinFiredrake> I have one rank in it.
    [21:33] <RobinFiredrake> So, mod is five?
    [21:33] <DracoDei_> You want the larges number on the line... so yeah, 5 sounds right.
    [21:33] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
    [21:33] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 15; Total: 15.
    [21:33] <RobinFiredrake> 20
    [21:37] <DracoDei_> Ok, you recognize (and relay to your allies) that this is a Thought Elemental. It is incorporeal, which means that magic, or magic weapons are required to hit it at all, and even those have a 50% miss chance, unless it is a Force effect (Magic Missile is the most common one), or a Ghost-Touch weapon.
    [21:37] <DracoDei_> It has many powers related to the Mind, including the Mind's control over the Body.
    [21:37] <RobinFiredrake> Hmm.
    [21:37] <RobinFiredrake> So Sphen is out of luck.
    [21:37] <DracoDei_> But you can't remember more than that.
    [21:38] <RobinFiredrake> Alright
    [21:38] <DracoDei_> What makes you say that? I think his Mallet is +1 now, and even if it isn't his lightning and Improvised Arsenal would effect it...
    [21:38] <DracoDei_> So he has a 50% miss chance, but...
    [21:39] <RobinFiredrake> Oh, it's magic.
    [21:39] <RobinFiredrake> got it.
    [21:39] <DracoDei_> Anyway... that still leaves you with a full turn's worth of actions Robin (I don't like that rule, but I don't want to house-rule when testing someone else's monster, which this is.).
    [21:40] <RobinFiredrake> I attempt to cast color spray at it.
    [21:40] <DracoDei_> What is the range on that?
    [21:41] <RobinFiredrake> 15 feet, cone burst.
    [21:41] <DracoDei_> Ok, well, you would have to double move to even get in range, which wouldn't leave you enough time to cast it this turn...
    [21:42] <DracoDei_> So, what are you going to do?
    [21:43] <RobinFiredrake> Will move closer, but I have no other spells readied that would work in this instance.
    [21:44] <DracoDei_> Robin moves to within 15 feet of it.
    [21:44] <DracoDei_> SPHENISCINE!
    [21:46] <Spheniscine> Hmm... I dunno what I can use against it...
    [21:46] <Spheniscine> Does Hatchling's flame count as magical?
    [21:47] <Spheniscine> I do need to be careful not to melt Robin though...
    [21:48] <DracoDei_> Yes, Hatchling's Flame counts as magical.
    [21:48] <DracoDei_> And you can keep it away from Robin (especially since I allow cones to be aimed in more than 8 directions).
    [21:49] <DracoDei_> What is your Speed?
    [21:49] <Spheniscine> 40
    [21:50] <DracoDei_> Well, move yourself where you want to go...
    [21:51] <DracoDei_> Direlda: You are after Zyborg actually (Zyborg hasn't actually gone... his move would have been a Delay, if I had been on the ball...)
    [21:52] <Direlda> (ok)
    [21:53] <Spheniscine> That OK Draco?
    [21:54] <DracoDei_> You are 5 feet too far away from it to get it with the Maneuver...
    [21:54] <Spheniscine> Ouch.
    [21:54] <DracoDei_> So pick a different spot...
    [21:55] <Spheniscine> Dang it... where was I?
    [21:55] <DracoDei_> You might want to right click your token and use the "Undo last move" option...
    [21:55] <DracoDei_> It is very useful in cases like this...
    [21:55] <Spheniscine> Awr too late... >.<
    [21:56] <Spheniscine> Was I next to Dir or Zy? I can't remember...
    [21:58] <DracoDei_> I think you were next to Zyborg...
    [21:59] <Spheniscine> If I can't reach it this turn I guess I should just move partway?
    [21:59] <DracoDei_> Ok, roll damage... what is the DC for the reflex save?
    [21:59] <Spheniscine> Or I could...
    [21:59] <Spheniscine> Hmm...
    [22:00] <Spheniscine> "Reflex half"
    [22:00] <DracoDei_> You are now within range for Hatchling Flame... in case you couldn't tell before.
    [22:00] * DracoDei_ head-desks.
    [22:00] <Spheniscine> What's that?
    [22:00] <DracoDei_> What is your wisdom modifier?
    [22:00] <DracoDei_> I asked for the DC, not the type of save.
    [22:01] <Spheniscine> Oh...
    [22:01] <Spheniscine> Doesn't say.
    [22:01] <DracoDei_> Yes, it does... in two places in fact... although one of them requires some math.
    [22:01] <DracoDei_> Err...
    [22:01] <DracoDei_> Actually, you are right... only in one place.
    [22:02] <DracoDei_> Since we didn't edit in a weapon entry for it... might not have even been one availible.
    [22:02] <Spheniscine> Hrr.
    [22:02] <Spheniscine> Yeah doesn't say so on my char sheet.
    [22:02] <DracoDei_> What is your Wisdom Modifier.
    [22:02] <DracoDei_> ?
    [22:02] <Spheniscine> +3
    [22:03] <DracoDei_> Because the DC is 12+Wisdom Modifier+Misc. Bonuses.
    [22:03] <DracoDei_> Ok then...
    [22:03] <DracoDei_> dice 1d20
    [22:03] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
    [22:03] <DracoDei_> It made its save.
    [22:03] <Spheniscine> Awr.
    [22:03] <DracoDei_> Roll 2d6, then divide by 2.
    [22:04] <DracoDei_> roll 1d100
    [22:04] <DracoDei_> dice 1d100
    [22:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 90; Total: 90.
    [22:04] <Spheniscine> dice 2d6
    [22:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1:6; Total: 7.
    [22:04] <Spheniscine> 3.5
    [22:04] <DracoDei_> Ok, it takes 3.5 points of damage.
    [22:04] <DracoDei_> ZYBORG!
    [22:04] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
    [22:06] <Spheniscine> "Kill it! Kill bad thoughts with FIRE!..."
    [22:06] <Zyborg22> ((How far can I throw stuff, and does Alchemist's Fire count as magical?))
    [22:06] <DracoDei_> ((Doesn't count as magical, and that should be listed in the entry for purchasing Alchemist's fire, or under "splash weapons".))
    [22:07] <Zyborg22> ((Oh. So there's no point in throwing it at the creature, then?))
    [22:07] <DracoDei_> ((Correct))
    [22:07] <Zyborg22> In that case, I moved closer to it.
    [22:07] <Zyborg22> And wait.
    [22:09] <DracoDei_> DIRELDA!
    [22:10] <Direlda> ((I'm not sure if I can do anything... I'm rechecking to see if my bow is simply masterwork, or if it is magical...))
    [22:12] <DracoDei_> ((Well, depending on what you spent your money on last level up...))
    [22:12] <DracoDei_> ((Prior to that, it was just masterwork.))
    [22:12] <Direlda> ((so yeah... nothing I can do))
    [22:13] <DracoDei_> ((Well... that is no fun... have a bonus for-this-fight-only oil of *Magic Weapon*... you spend your standard action this round applying it... do something with your Move action, or pass.))
    [22:14] <Direlda> ((I pass))
    [22:14] <DracoDei_> ((Ok, its turn...)
    [22:15] <DracoDei_> Your concept of where it is flattens out thinner, without becoming any wider or thicker.
    [22:16] <DracoDei_> dice 1d20
    [22:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
    [22:16] <Spheniscine> Teehee.
    [22:16] <DracoDei_> It seems to reach out for Spheniscine with surprising gentleness... and completely misses.
    [22:17] <Spheniscine> "Ooh, missed me! Missed me!"
    [22:17] <DracoDei_> ROBIN!
    [22:18] <RobinFiredrake> I cast color spray.
    [22:18] <RobinFiredrake> "Ta- err... Se-... Think the rainbow! >=U "
    [22:19] <DracoDei_> dice 1d20
    [22:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 20; Total: 20.
    [22:19] <DracoDei_> It finds your Rainbow mildly interesting... but nothing more than that.
    [22:20] <DracoDei_> SPHENISCINE!
    [22:20] <RobinFiredrake> I got a CRITICAL and it did nothing?
    [22:20] <Spheniscine> No... that's Draco's roll.
    [22:20] <Spheniscine> Wait...
    [22:20] <Spheniscine> Oh right.
    [22:21] <DracoDei_> Yeah... that was its saving throw.
    [22:21] <RobinFiredrake> Oh.
    [22:21] <RobinFiredrake> Well, then yeah
    [22:21] <Spheniscine> Cone spells do not require an attack roll, but the target gets a saving throw.
    [22:21] <Spheniscine> Do my regular maneuvers work against it? Brick, Unlucky Raincloud.
    [22:22] <Spheniscine> Do those count as magical?
    [22:22] <DracoDei_> Technically both do since they are supernatural.
    [22:22] <DracoDei_> I am somewhat iffy about the brick, but technically it should work.
    [22:22] <Spheniscine> Ah...
    [22:22] <DracoDei_> With a 50% miss chance...
    [22:23] <Spheniscine> Unlucky Raincloud then.
    [22:23] <Spheniscine> DC 15.
    [22:23] <DracoDei_> That also has a 50% miss chance, but OK.
    [22:23] <DracoDei_> dice 1d20
    [22:23] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
    [22:23] <DracoDei_> dice 1d100
    [22:23] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 19; Total: 19.
    [22:23] <DracoDei_> Misses due to miss chance.
    [22:23] <Spheniscine> Awr.
    [22:24] <DracoDei_> You have a move action remaining if you want to do something with it... or 5' step... you do sense that you are within its reach.
    [22:25] <Spheniscine> 5' step for flanking possibilities?
    [22:25] <Spheniscine> Like that?
    [22:26] <Spheniscine> Or does that provoke AoO? (Not sure about the AoO rules)
    [22:26] <DracoDei_> Zyborg might have a hard time getting to the opposite side this turn, but it wouldn't provoke and AoO.
    [22:26] <DracoDei_> *an
    [22:26] <DracoDei_> 5 steps don't provoke unless something very odd is going on.
    [22:27] <Spheniscine> Ah.
    [22:27] <DracoDei_> ZYBORG!
    [22:27] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
    [22:27] <DracoDei_> ((That is most of the point of 5' steps until you get to levels where you can attack more than once per turn.))
    [22:28] <Spheniscine> ((Mm. To get to flanking positions or such))
    [22:28] <Zyborg22> dice 1d20
    [22:28] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
    [22:28] <RobinFiredrake> Ouch.
    [22:28] <Zyborg22> Ok, I miss.
    [22:28] <RobinFiredrake> Critical failure. Now you know how I feel, Zy o.=.o
    [22:28] <Spheniscine> lol
    [22:29] <Zyborg22> I guess that ends it.
    [22:29] <Zyborg22> The turn, I mena.
    [22:29] <Zyborg22> *mean
    [22:30] <DracoDei_> DIRELDA!
    [22:31] * Direlda rapidly fires two arrows at the monster
    [22:31] <Direlda> dice 1d20
    [22:31] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 1; Total: 1.
    [22:31] <Direlda> dicd 1d20
    [22:31] <Direlda> dice 1d20
    [22:31] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 6; Total: 6.
    [22:31] <Direlda> 6+6=12
    [22:31] <Direlda> ...
    [22:32] <DracoDei_> Miss.
    [22:32] <DracoDei_> It reaches out towards Spheniscine again.
    [22:32] <DracoDei_> dice 1d20
    [22:32] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 8; Total: 8.
    [22:33] <DracoDei_> Miss. (since I know Spheniscine has an AC greater than 14...)
    [22:33] <DracoDei_> ROBIN!
    [22:33] <DracoDei_> Oh... wait!
    [22:34] <Spheniscine> "Stop trying to touch me you pervert!"
    [22:35] <RobinFiredrake> Hmm?
    [22:35] <DracoDei_> (Never mind, proceed... thought it might have hit after all...)
    [22:35] <DracoDei_> (But it didn't)
    [22:35] <RobinFiredrake> So you said I can use an action to turn an item magical?
    [22:37] <DracoDei_> Wha?
    [22:38] <DracoDei_> Well, you could cast *Light* on something...
    [22:38] <RobinFiredrake> Oh. Sorry, misunderstood yet again
    [22:38] <DracoDei_> Don't know what else you might have prepared that would fall under than description...
    [22:38] <RobinFiredrake> Don't have light prepared...
    [22:39] <Direlda> ((I actually need to be going soon ^^; my fiancee wants me to go dancing with her))
    [22:40] <DracoDei_> ((Ok... this fight has had a lot of misses so far...))
    [22:40] <RobinFiredrake> ((Would mage hand effect it in any way?
    [22:42] <DracoDei_> ((Technically? Maybe... would have to check the spell description... but since it is only 5 pounds of force, I don't think it would do MUCH.))
    [22:42] <RobinFiredrake> (Would something launched by mage hand at it effect it?)
    [22:43] <DracoDei_> ((Yeah... one non-magical, unattended object... so no to both.))
    [22:43] <DracoDei_> ((Since to do anything to it, an object would have to be magical.))
    [22:44] <RobinFiredrake> (I was wondering if mage hand being used on it would make it magical for the duration)
    [22:44] <DracoDei_> ((No.))
    [22:44] <RobinFiredrake> (Alright...)
    [22:44] <RobinFiredrake> (Daze?)
    [22:45] <DracoDei_> ((Wrong type...))
    [22:45] <Direlda> ((well, I have to go now - bye all))
    [22:45] <DracoDei_> ((Bye Direlda...))
    [22:46] == Direlda [] has quit [Quit: May God bless you and may a star shine down upon your path.]
    [22:46] <RobinFiredrake> (Bye. And, if I can't use that, I'm pretty sure I can't touch it)
    [22:46] <DracoDei_> ((Yes, but you don't need to touch it to effect it...))
    [22:47] <RobinFiredrake> (Not what I meant. Meant cannot effect it. None of my spells actually deal damage or whatnot)
    [22:47] <DracoDei_> (Try an Illusion...)
    [22:49] <RobinFiredrake> (Can I use silent image to make the illusion of a mage trying to study it, off to the side, say, 15 feet?)
    [22:50] <DracoDei_> (Ok, roll another Knowledge(The Planes) check...)
    [22:50] <RobinFiredrake> dice 1d20
    [22:50] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 12; Total: 12.
    [22:50] <RobinFiredrake> 17
    [22:52] <DracoDei_> (You realize it probably perceives you mostly the same way you preceive it... you might as well try to fool a dog with an illusion of a steak right in front of it when you can't include the element of smell.... something without a mind OTOH...))
    [22:53] <RobinFiredrake> (Was trying to make something that looked thoughtful... Probably not the best. Can I create an illusory copy of myself?)
    [22:55] <DracoDei_> (Yes...)
    [22:56] <RobinFiredrake> (Would that work? Or does it only sense thought?)
    [22:57] <DracoDei_> (It doesn't ONLY sense thought, otherwise that spell would be completely useless against it.)
    [22:57] <RobinFiredrake> (Alright then. So, a decoy. I cast that.)
    [22:58] <DracoDei_> It completely ignores it since it knows it can't be an actual creature.
    [22:58] <Spheniscine> Awr.
    [22:58] <DracoDei_> SPHENISCINE!
    [22:58] <RobinFiredrake> Drat.
    [22:59] <DracoDei_> ((Actually, Robin has a move action left, but we will do that simultaniously with Sphen's turn.)
    [22:59] <Spheniscine> I'm out of useful maneuvers I think?
    [22:59] <RobinFiredrake> I will move back from it..
    [23:00] <Spheniscine> I got the feat to reprepare them...
    [23:00] <DracoDei_> Actually, you aren't out of useful maneuvers...
    [23:01] <Spheniscine> What else do I have? Pie to the Face? But can it be blinded?
    [23:01] <DracoDei_> Everyday Arsenal.
    [23:02] <Spheniscine> Ah...
    [23:02] <Spheniscine> Forgot that it made weapons magical... thought it only made it cold iron.
    [23:03] <Spheniscine> "Silver, Magical and Chaotic"
    [23:03] <Spheniscine> Oops... hehe. *blushes*
    [23:03] <Spheniscine> OK. I'll use that then.
    [23:03] <DracoDei_> The Frying Pan is always Cold Iron...
    [23:03] <Spheniscine> Ah.
    [23:03] <DracoDei_> I would 5 step south, but go ahead and roll your attack...
    [23:04] <Spheniscine> dice 1d20
    [23:04] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 2; Total: 2.
    [23:04] <Spheniscine> (5)
    [23:04] <Spheniscine> Ew.
    [23:04] <DracoDei_> You drop the mallet(free), draw the pan(Move), activate Everyday Arsenal(Swift), 5 step (special), and attack(Standard).
    [23:04] <DracoDei_> You miss.
    [23:04] <DracoDei_> ZYBORG!
    [23:04] <WagzBot> Your friendly neighborhood robot spider.
    [23:07] <Zyborg22> Zyborg22: 1d20+10 = 1 + 10 = 11 Zyborg22: Looks like I miss again.
    [23:07] <DracoDei_> Yep
    [23:10] <Zyborg22> I think I'll stay there for now.
    [23:14] <DracoDei_> Direlda edges closer and double-fires again...
    [23:14] <DracoDei_> dice 2d20
    [23:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 5:12; Total: 17.
    [23:14] <DracoDei_> dice 1d100
    [23:14] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 28; Total: 28.
    [23:15] <DracoDei_> Goes straight through it without effect...
    [23:15] <Spheniscine> (Huh funny, both Nodwick and OOTS have arcs that involve a gladitorial arena)
    [23:16] <DracoDei_> It 5' steps south and reaches out to Spheniscine again...
    [23:16] <DracoDei_> dice 1d20
    [23:16] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 7; Total: 7.
    [23:16] <DracoDei_> Miss.
    [23:16] <DracoDei_> ROBIN!
    [23:17] <RobinFiredrake> I can't do anything o.=.o I'll try another illusion I guess...
    [23:17] <RobinFiredrake> Ghost sound, growling behind it.
    [23:19] <DracoDei_> dice 1d20
    [23:19] <WagzBot> Results of die roll(s): 3; Total: 3.
    [23:20] <DracoDei_> Where exactly is the growling coming from? IE exactly how far on the opposite side of it from you?
    [23:20] <RobinFiredrake> About 5 or 10 feet
    [23:22] == Remi [] has quit [Quit: "Before He found me? I was dead. Now?...well...heh. Now I'm a zombie hunter. . . " - ?]
    [23:22] <DracoDei_> No effect...
    [23:22] <DracoDei_> Ok, I think this has devolved into an excercise in dice rolling...
    [23:23] <RobinFiredrake> True enough.
    [23:23] <Spheniscine> lol
    [23:23] <DracoDei_> And frustration...
    [23:23] <RobinFiredrake> And prepared the wrong things.
    [23:23] <Spheniscine> Yeah 50% miss chance is brutal.
    [23:25] <DracoDei_> Yes, yes it is.
    [23:25] <DracoDei_> Let me link you to the entry for these things...
    [23:25] <DracoDei_>
    [23:27] <RobinFiredrake> Reading
    [23:28] <Spheniscine> Interesting.
    [23:28] <RobinFiredrake> Hmm...
    [23:28] <RobinFiredrake> Is interesting.
    [23:29] <DracoDei_> So if it had been a Huge dragon's roar from 300 feet away, it would have worked...
    [23:29] <DracoDei_> Because it's Mindsense only goes out to 200 feet.
    [23:29] <RobinFiredrake> I didn't know I could go that far, nor that loud.
    [23:30] <DracoDei_> Maybe you can't... I haven't looked at the spell...
    [23:31] <DracoDei_> Yeah... you are correct.
    [23:31] <RobinFiredrake> So I could do nothing?
    [23:31] <DracoDei_> No.
    [23:31] <RobinFiredrake> What could I have done?
    [23:32] <DracoDei_> You could have created the noise of a small catapult stone impacting nearby... that wouldn
    [23:32] <DracoDei_> 't be something with a mind...
    [23:32] <RobinFiredrake> Ah.
    [23:32] <DracoDei_> Or with the Silent Image, you could have created a fake Wall of Stone or Wall of Iron...
    [23:32] <RobinFiredrake> Mmm.
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