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    Default Re: [Spell] That coughing, achy, sniffling, stuffy head, fever so you can die spell..

    Quote Originally Posted by The Vorpal Tribble View Post
    Don't recall what that feature does.
    From Book of Vile Darkness

    Quote Originally Posted by Book of Vile Darkness
    Disease Host (Ex): At 1st level, a cancer mage suffers no
    ill effects of diseases, except for purely cosmetic ones such
    as boils, pockmarks, watery eyes, blackened skin, hair loss,
    foul smell, and so on. The cancer mage becomes a carrier of
    every disease he encounters, though he remains immune to
    most of their effects.
    However, the cancer mage takes 1d6 points of damage
    per caster level if someone casts a cure disease spell or effect
    on him (he can make a Fortitude save to try to resist the
    That's all the pertinent information there is. The text doesn't specify that the ability does not work against magical diseases, so I would say that a Cancer Mage could potentially become death itself if exposed to this magic. Thankfully he couldn't do it himself, since the Cancer Mage PrC is a 10-level class that actually has nothing to do with magic at all. No caster progression, no magic prereq's, nothing. Rather silly name for it actually.
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