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This really seems a bit overpowered to me, even for a 9th level spell. Sounds more like an epic spell to me. If I was going to weaken it to make it more like a 9th level spell, I would say that the entire curse ends 1 day/level after it was cast, after that infecting no more people but continuing to cause damage to the ones already infected. Just my humble opinion though.
It would be overpowered if the disease had the same save DC for everyone (that is, the 19 + your ability mod + whatever DC modifiers you have). As it is, the DC is based on the carrier rather than the caster, so a guy who touches an infected generic first-level commoner only has to make a DC 10 saving throw. Granted, it's possible to get pretty ridiculous DCs with powerful monsters, but that trick comes with its own problems: An infected Tarrasque has a disease with a DC 46 saving throw, but that requires you to somehow infect the Tarrasque in the first place and then to get it to spread the disease (those who come in physical contact with the Tarrasque tend to die, while those who survive usually have access to remove curse and healing spells).

That being said, the DC probably should be capped somehow, say the DC is never allowed to exceed the initial DC that started the plague (the DC of the spell itself). As a side note, what's the point of casting remove curse? It seems like you have to succeed on a caster level check in order to bypass future caster level checks.