Nothing has been heard from Wistendale for two months. The reserves supply of minerals is below Ĺ itís usual level and the King is worried. He has sent out a call for volunteers among his soldiers, citizens, and visitors from other nations.

You now stand in the antechamber of King Barnabas I. He is a young king, only 16 years of age. Despite that, it is said he has wisdom beyond his years. He keeps several members of Arcanan on staff as advisors, but he rarely calls on their services. He rarely acts without thought and contemplation. Many ridiculed him for not sending out a detail to Wistendale sooner, and truth be told, only the mineral reserve dropping below 50% convinced him to call this expedition.

The antechamber is rather large. To the east is the door leading back to the castle entrance. To the west are the great double doors leading to the throne room. A pair of the kingís personal guard flanks the doors.

Chosen from The Guardsmen, these to are truly specimens of strength. They stand rock steady as statues. Mighty halberds held in their right hands, longswords hang at their left hip, and bucklers baring the Kings crest are strapped to their left arm. They wear a breastplate, also baring the Kings Crest, over the finest mithral chain mail. These soldiers know only devotion to the King and are forbidden to ever leave the castle so long as they are in the Kingís service.

It is approximately 15 minutes until the appointed time King Barnabas is to present the details of his task to you. The courtier that brought you this far stands to one side awaiting any small questions you may have. His last statements were brief instructions on your audience with the King. ďRemember walk straight and stand proud as you enter the Throne Room and approach the King. Stop when you reach the base of the throne and kneel. Donít rise again until you have been addressed. If you have any questions I will answer them after your audience. Now just mingle and please donít wander off.Ē