Ten Foot Stu

Stu felt naked without his glaive. They trust me to protect them, to hunt and kill their enemies, but not to have a weapon near their king.

The courtier's words made no impact on the grim-faced orc, whose jaw was already set with tension in the hoity-toity surroundings. Of course I will keep my back straight. Kneeling? Well, we'll see what the royal whelp is like. He couldn't quite shake the feeling that everything he tried to touch would shatter in his fist.

Stu glanced over at his five companions. A man, three elves, and a half-breed. Huh. With care, he kept his lip from curling, and managed a smile at Atherin, the elf who had brought him in on this job.

Stepping carefully over to the human, he sized him up. A good, steady eye. This one, I might be able to trust beside me. The massive orc extended a hand slowly in greeting.