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    The golden-haired young elf stands in the centre of the antechamber, looking quite out-of-place in the setting of stone. He is about five-and-a-half feet tall, and slim. His face is shapely and regal, like all elves, and his movements are precise and graceful. He wears light, well-worn clothing of forest greens and browns; a mithral chain shirt glints from beneath. He wears a belt pouch, but no backpack, and two simple rings adorn his fingers. An arrow-quiver, empty in the near-presence of a king, is on his right leg. A large circle of thick, scratched leather is strapped over his left shoulder.

    Atherin grins and nods encouragingly at Stu, then introduces himself to the other four. "Hey. I'm Atherin of the Roaming Guard," he says, looking at each in turn.
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