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    "Your supplies will include two Scrolls of Sending. Please use these to report to Warren any thing of immediate interest. If there are no more questions, please finish any business you have in town and meet me at the Western Gate. Your mounts and supplies will be there. You can pick up your weapons as you leave."

    As the sun reaches midday you set out for Wistendale. You are accompanied by Captain Edon's Roaming Guard squad. An elven rider goes ahead of the party and soon disappears around a bend in the road. There are also two other humans, a halfling, and a gnome. An hour later the elf returns, "Nothing unusual. Road appears to be clear." One of the humans then rides ahead and the elf takes his place.

    This pattern continues for the next 4 days. Your nights are uneventful except for a skunk wandering into camp at dawn of the 3rd day. There are no casualties, unless you count the gnome, who took a full blast and now rides well downwind of the group.

    A few hours before sundown on the on the fourth day you catch sight of the Roaming Guard Outpost on the horizon. A rider approaches accompanied by the halfling from your patrol. "Captain Edon, good to see you." "Captain Ridley, the king has sent these to venture to Wistendale." As Ridley surveys each of you he speaks, "So the King is finally sending someone to Wistendale. I do not envy you. What I have seen this past week worries me. Come I will show you.” He leads you to the Outpost. It consists of two Towers straddling the road, as well as an alternating gate, which forces anyone on the road to zigzag as they go through. You can see a Roaming Guard in each tower. Their attention is on the road to Wistendale, but each gives your group the once over as you approach. A halfling opens the door to a barracks building on the north side of the road as you approach. A tie post is outside, but no corral is obvious.

    Captain Ridley leads you into the barracks. It is a large one-room building approximately 10 x 20 ft. You enter into a common room area that is connected to a kitchen area on one side and a bunks area on the other. The common room also has a map table, which is wear Ridley leads you.

    The map displays topography from Warrington to Wistendale. The trade road and Roaming Guard Outpost are marked, as is another outpost a little closer to Wistendale. “Normally we receive messengers from the Wistendale outpost,” he indicates the other outpost, “Every patrol since we lost contact has sent a rider, and they always report it deserted. It is still deserted, but Tulkin found something new.” The halfling then speaks up, “I rode to the outpost yesterday and saw a pair of Ettins on this hill to the east of the outpost. They were trying to remain hidden, but in doing so only made themselves more obvious. They must have dragged in the trees to make their blind from a mile away, and didn’t bother to hide the trail.”

    Ridley speaks up again. “Ettins are not from this area, so we think they may be connected to what is going on. You may want to start your investigation with them.”
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