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    Default Re: War of the Burning Sky: The Scouring of Gate Pass

    The rogue who continues to burn merrily works up the nerve to fire his crossbow at Torrent,1 catching her squarely in the neck. She reels in pain, but remains on her feet, reloads her crossbow, and returns fire.2 Her crossbow bolt flies into his left eyeball and pins the back of his head to the wall behind him. It's rather apparent that the half-orc is dead. Once this is done, she tosses a potion to Lyanne.

    The second newly-entered half-orc steps into the fire3, nimbly avoiding the flames, and swings at Cyrick with his morningstar.4 His attack glances harmlessly off of Cyrick's shield.

    Sovorian moves (5' step) towards the half-orc that just attacked Cyrick and slices at him with his mind-blade. The half-orc, thrown off-balance by avoiding the flames, is unable to dodge Sovorian's blow and collapses, unfortunately landing directly on the fire.

    Helionaluxis takes a swing at the greatsword-wielding human, but he nimbly dodges her blow. Varcolac also takes this opportunity to move (G4); both of her targets gone, she has nothing to attack.

    Cyrick moves towards the swordsman (I5) and swings a mighty blow at him, crying out a battle cry that is lost amongst an explosion that came from down the street. Startled by the explosion, his attack misses, and his new foe strikes back at him, but he too misses.5 Seeing all his men dead or dying, the human turns to run down the street (J1).6

    Lyanne drinks the potion given her by Torrent, and she immediately feels refreshed.7

    Round 3.

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