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    Default Re: War of the Burning Sky: The Scouring of Gate Pass

    Helionaluxis and Cyrick take swings at the fleeing man. Cyrick misses, Helionaluxis does not. He slows, but does not stop, and Helionaluxis drops her gear, pulls out a bow, and shoots him in the back of the neck. He collapses, bleeding and unconscious, to the ground.

    We are out of rounds.

    The inn continues to burn merrily, and as you step outside, you can see that the bombing of the city is just now ending. Torrent speaks: "We should meet with Rivereye. I hope he's alright. Does anyone need healing?"

    The streets are starting to fill with panicking people, and though the bombing has ended, you can hear that a battle has begun at the west wall. Townsfolk rush about trying to put out fires or get to the shelter of temples, and soldiers hurry to their posts, slowed by the throng and chaos. All the while, bells ring urgent warnings up and down the mountain pass.

    In the sky above, you can see Gate Pass gryphonriders and Ragesian wyvernriders battle. Some of the wyvernriders are dropping the bombs before entering into aerial combat. One actually lies undetonated in front of you, appearing to be a hollow sphere of clay, filled with oil and what looks like a flask of alchemist's fire and a thunderstone.
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