"I do not like the thought of dragging prisoners with us; our mission has already been complicated enough.

"...We could knock them out and leave them here for the city guard to capture after the battle. One moment."

She closes her eyes and her aura changes again. You feel your heart beat more vigorously, and a refreshing feeling spreads out from it. A few of Torrent's wounds seal themselves up, and all of the prisoners quit bleeding out and stabilize as their wounds mend at an accelerated rate. After a moment, your inner vigor is replaced by the inner fire once again. Helionaluxis nods at her handiwork, then turns to the others.

"The Dragon's Vigor awakens a body's regeneration, encouraging it to mend the gravest wounds itself, but it doesn't restore them to perfect health. It will help you conserve your healing spells, Torrent."

Helionaluxis quickly strips the prisoners of all their weapons and then begins hitting them with the flat of her sword, making sure they stay unconscious for a while. She stops before she hits the last two.

"If you want to interrogate them, speak now."

If no one speaks up, she knocks them out as well and leaves them in a nearby building for the guard to pick up later.

Aura: Helionaluxis switches to her Vigor aura (Fast Healing 2 up to 50% max HP) for one round, then switches back to Fire Resistance 10 aura.