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    Default Re: War of the Burning Sky: The Scouring of Gate Pass

    During the stripping process, Helionaluxis comes across a bounty hunter's warrant on the human's prone body, as well as a claimant notice by a group called the Black Horse Bounty Hunters. The warrant looks to be for spellcasters that are not part of the Ragesian military. 100 gold pieces a head. Apparently they were here for Torrent. The human also carries identification documents marking him as Kathor Danava, as well as a bounty hunter's permit for the Black Horse Bounty Hunters.

    The human scowls. "We were not looking for you, in particular, but for her," he says, nodding towards Torrent. "Price on 'er head, just like any other spellcaster within reach of the Ragesians."

    The possessions they carry are as follows:
    • 6 saps
    • 5 short swords
    • 2 morningstars
    • 1 masterwork greatsword
    • 1 composite longbow
    • 6 light crossbows
    • 4 thunderstones
    • 2 tanglefoot bags
    • 2 unidentified potions
    • 2 suits of studded leather
    • 4 suits of scale mail
    • 1 suit of half-plate
    • 4 light wooden shields
    • 56 bolts
    • 40 arrows
    • 30 gp
    • 1 portable battering ram
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