Yetz and Morris burst into the inn's common room to see the dead man back on his feat, currently clutching one of the inn's patrons and attempting to rip the man's shoulder off with its teeth as the man screams in pain and hammers upon the zombie with all his strength, but his blows have no effect upon the zombie.

Outside, the zombie turns from the goblin to the changeling with the glaive and attempts to bite the one causing it the most harm.
From the alleyways shamble the corpses of a half-dozen of Darthun's citizens, clothing bloody from their own violent deaths. They could possibly charge the three warriors remaining on the street next round, even with their lurching gate and poor reflexes.

Zin steps back and brings his glaive down upon the zombie, splitting through the undead's ribcage with a snap of breaking bones.

Sripor's bolt stikes the zombie just as he realizes the futility of such an action, watching the bolt sink into the corpse's flesh with no effect.

Ja'hkaa's dagger catches the zombie in the back of the neck and rips through its spine, severing its head from its body. The zombie drops like a puppet with its stings cut.