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    Snarling at the incomig hostiles, Ja'khaa flicks strings of gore from his dagger and jams it back ito its sheath. Leaping Fang over to where he had dropped his lance, he uses the toes of one foot to snag the butt of the weapon and pass it up to his hand whereupon he hefts it handily, couching it in the crook of his arm.

    Brandishing the long lance, he calls out, "Scout'n party! Fall back! Barricade the doors o'th' way out if ye can and grab some window-poles and torches an' liquor! If we can't cut 'em, we'll roast 'em!"

    Ja'khaa then motions with his shield-arm at Zin and Sripor, "Alchemist! Help the scouts with the barricade! Teller! With me, we'll hold off these buggers tell th'others're safe!"

    ((TO BE CONTInUEDDone.))
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