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Thread: Remnants of Cyre <Team Two>

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    (1d20+6)[26] charging mounted attack with lance (1d6+4)[7] Damage *2=14(1d20+2)[6] Spot--- relative positions and anything that can be used (1d20+2)[6] Listen --- how's the fight inside going?

    Used Ride-by Attack to avoid AoOs and to extend movement rate. Currerntly oh-so ready for more AoOs provoked from lance's reach.

    Poke and run! Ja'khaa charges the zombie closest to the inn's doors. The lance's point skewers the abomination through and through but, not wanting to waste his momentum, he rips it free of the walking corpse and wheels around then dashes back to where he started.

    There, side-by-side with Zin, he sets his lance once more, prepared to either charge or repel.
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