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Thread: Remnants of Cyre <Team Two>

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    Yetz's morningstar slam's into the undead, but the creature ignores the heavy blow.

    Morris slashes at the zombie, but the man the zombie is grappling with gets in the way. Morris barely averts the slash in time, slicing through empty air.

    Zin charges the advancing undead, but his swing fails to connect.

    Sripor flees back to the inn, away from the advancing undead. Once inside, he begins to barricade the door, hoping that the others can deal with the undead already inside.

    Ja'hkaa charges, his wolf mount loping down the cobbled street as swift as the cold wind blowing through the city. His lance connects solidly with the abomination's head, tearing it from the things shoulders and sending it rolling down the street like some grotesque ball. As the lifeless body falls to the ground, the goblin wheels his mount around and moves to the side of Zin, prepared to face the undead together.

    Inside, the zombie ignores the new comers and continues to gnaw upon the man in its clutches. The man's struggles against the zombie are growing weaker, as he is losing blood quickly.
    Outside, the zombies charge, but several block the others ability to charge, so all six can't attack the two fighters still on the street.

    Zombie1 (against Ja'hkaa)

    Zombie2 (against Ja'hkaa)

    Zombie3 (against Zin)

    Zombie4 (against Zin)


    As for things you may be able to make use of, you might be able to use a lamp post for some cover, but otherwise the street lacks anything useful.
    You can't hear any different sounds coming from inside, so you have no idead if things are going better or worse.
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