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    Default All Good Things Come to an End...

    All Good Things Come to an End...
    by Josh "The Vorpal Tribble" Schrader

    Ever had a day when it seemed luck was plotting against you? It might not have been your imagination...

    Hare's Foot
    This appears as the long hind foot of a black hare attached to a thin silver chain. Its possessor gains a +10 bonus to all checks, as well as a +10 luck bonus to Armor Class. Three times per day the possessor may choose to roll a natural 20 on any check.
    The one exception to this bonus is when one rolls a Search or Spot check to notice the foot being taken by some method, usually Sleight of Hand, or being Disarmed. In these circumstances no bonus is applied to the roll, and they take a -4 penalty in addition.

    If one loses possession of the hare's foot they automatically lose all bonuses and in addition take a -10 penalty to all checks, as well as a -10 penalty to Armor Class. There is a cumulative 5% chance each day that one who has lost possession of the foot dies in a freak accident, anything from tripping and impaling themselves upon their own weapon to choking on their meal. The penalty does not apply to these rolls.

    If one loses the foot, but later regains it, the conditions reverse, once again granting exceptional luck and dispersing the chance of dying. Loss of the foot yet again starts the chance of dying at the base 5%.

    The only way to break this curse is to burn the foot within a Hallowed area.


    Characters with ranks in Knowledge (arcane) can learn more about the artifact. When a character makes a skill check, the following lore is revealed, including information from lower DC's.

    DC 20 - The hare's foot is said to be a cursed item that brings exceptional good luck to those that wield it and horrible bad luck if one loses it.

    DC 25 - Those that lose the hare's foot always seem to die soon afterwards from a freak accident.

    DC 30 - The hare's foot is said to have been created by a powerful hag in an unhallowed locale under a full moon on friday the 13th.

    DC 35 - The curse of the hare's foot may only be broken by its burning in a Hallowed locale.
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