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    Land of Avbaroy

    Began: Fortress of Vengeance (Defunct)
    Present: Blauport City, Pericle Island/Western beach of Salmonville

    Originally a desolate desert plain not unlike the nearby Harshrealm Desert, Alphantica was used extensively as a testing site for new magical technologies during the Age of Dragons. As a result, the local climate was irrevocably altered into a freezing tundra almost as desolate as before, and was abandoned by most humanoid races. What remained eventually mutated into the Homo Guinus species of anthropomorphic penguin, and a number of indigenous penguins became capable of higher thought.
    A chilly place by nature, but the company is good, and the population has a high percentage of magic-users.

    Citadel of Bis Anu
    Built by the Erenatl and Grisgol to honour their god Bis Anu, the citadel (Now lost, though recent sightings purport otherwise) was the site of a major battle between it's inhabitants and the Order of Vengeance (See above), and has lain buried for centuries afterwards. Recent activity in the region suggests it may have been located, but no official announcement has been made.

    Carbris Jungle
    This large island is largely covered in dense jungle, inhabited primarily by the barbaric Treetop Kobolds. Their more-civilised cousins, the Plains Kobolds, inhabit the sparse patches of open ground, to avoid the fickle malevolence of their tree-dwelling relatives.

    Elwind Mountains
    Home to Dwarves and subterranean Elves (Including Drow and Moonelves), this large mountain range is over 450 miles long. Whilst the Dwarves and Drow are constantly arguing beneath the rock surface, the Moonelves occupy plateaus along the faces of the mountains, where their summer resorts are famed.

    Fortress of Vengeance
    Founded eight centuries ago by the Order of Vengeance, this lovely stronghold has wonderful views of the ocean and the Elwind mountains, though word has it that the Order has long since died.
    The order was founded to combat the increasing population of Grisgol and Erenatl in the nearby Softwind Desert, though they enjoyed many other exploits in their quests.

    Sadly, it seems that the Fortress exploded recently, leaving little more than rubble.

    Fudge Land
    The unfortunately-named Fudge Land was the center of the Moonelf Empire, led by Sildyu and her dragon army millennia ago. Since her demise, it has fallen into ruin and the population is largely monstrous. A small humanoid enclave still exists in the former capital of Stradville.

    Golden Forests
    This expansive forest group is home to noble the High Elves, who rarely enjoy company.

    Grand Tusk plains
    Home to the Orc races, the Grand Tusk plains stretch on for hundreds of miles of hilly grassland. It is not a recommended travel destination.

    Harshrealm Desert
    The largest of the land's two deserts, Harshrealm was named after the first Human to circumnavigate it, Lional Harshrealm. It has a thriving population of Medusae and Gorgons, and is considered a No Man's Land by many travellers

    Mesa Canyon
    The deepest canyon in the world, few have ever managed to reach the bottom and survive to return to the top.

    Pericle Island
    A prominent fishing island, Pericle Island is home to Blauport City, a city world-famous for it's tourism and low crime levels. Founded by a member of the now-defunct Order of the Open Palm, her lineage continues to protect the city to this day.

    Pixel Islands
    The primary population of the small Pixel island chain is comprised of Sprites, especially Pixies, and is said to be a Willy Wonka-esque dazzling place. However, the Sprites endure repetitive civil wars, typically about some minor detail of the landscape or their own culture and its evolution, so the borders have been closed for decades.

    Plotgoblin Peninsula
    Not many people visit this area, as it is tightly controlled by the indigenous goblinoid population. Those who do manage to get past the borders and back compare it to staff break rooms.

    The island home of the odd Flying Landfish, Salmonville (Also known as "The Boot") is known for it's primary export of environmentalist extremists, who object strongly to the fishing of the world's oceans. That, and Not-so-flying Landfish Sushi.

    Schizotec Province
    This island is inhabited by humans, like it's neighbour, Pericle Island, however the people here are an entirely different sort. They admire the colour red, have an extreme sense of nationality, and believe politically that all men are equal. Because of their nationalism, their borders are almost universally closed, save a few choice entryways where one can access the country, albeit with a full armed guard. The Schizotecians are known to have highly advanced technologies in comparison to other lands, often reminiscent of ancient Tajiran devices.

    Softwind Desert
    The Western sister to Harshrealm Desert, Softwind is, as it's name implies, far kinder to travelers than Harshrealm. It's monster population is far lower, though rumours of Erenatl and Grisgol living beneath the surface persist since the construction of the now-lost Citadel of Bis Anu. If you don't mind getting sand in...everywhere, building a summer home in Softwind Desert isn't so bad an idea, provided you bring the proper Clerics.

    Home to the vastly devastated Pikalite people, Tajira has closed its borders to most civilised races, and remains shrouded in mystery since their near-annihilation during the Age of Dragons.

    Symbols per Country per Race


    Ainileh - This small coastal country has been at infrequent war with Helina for centuries, even during the Age of Dragons. It is headed by a fascist government supposedly lead by a demigod. Due to this fascism, little is known about the specific details within this country.

    Helina - a large, volcanic desert in the far west that is the source of many choatic creations.
    While the lands of Helina have no central seats of power, the many warlords and sorcerers around often ally to fight outsiders, usually as raiders.
    The technology of Helina is incredibly advanced, they have technological advancement in warfare beyond virtually any other nation, whilst being equal in advancement to "real world" of Earth. However, they have taken other, weird paths, leading to a lack of gunpowder weaponry and combustion engines. Instead they compensate with tesla coils, disc shooters, jetpacks, even goggles that let you predict enemy movements and other advanced combat technology.
    Helina was never conquered by the Empire, it was deemed too difficult to be worth, but many Helinan warlords and sorcerers joined up with the Moon Elf Empire, in order to gather, pillage, and generally have "fun in fighting."
    Naturally, the Helinan ranks in the Moon Elf army were not uniform, and had very different machines and weapons from squad to squad, as a direct result of their mercenary employment. and some helinan where fighting versus the Moon Elf Empire, again as a result of mercenary activity.

    Herea - Herea submitted absolutely and completely to the Moon Elf Empire, and gave them full support. However, as a small nation, they had little to give the empire, they could barely produce enough food to support themselves. As such, Herea was subject to extreme agricultural expansion during the Age of Dragons, covering much of the fertile land with farms. This left the island relatively peaceful within the Empire, to the point that they aren't even aware it has collapsed. However, the growth in foods attracted the creatures that now inhabit the outlying area of Regen. In defense of Herea, is the Order of the Cloaked Flame, a group of xenophobic paladins headed by a Grand Maester priest. Presently, this priest is Sierra Marshall, a clergywoman of Plotus who is said to channel his divine might in defense of all external threats.

    Lockutas - One of the short list of nations to stand in opposition to the Moon Elf Empire and survive, Lockutas paid the price for its insolence once it was conquered by attrition. Much of the technology in Lockutas is steam-powered, and they were defeated by the Empire freezing all the water sources in the nation, thus starving them of fuel. This has had a profound effect on the local climate to date, much of the land is still a harsh winterland. Legends of ancient relics from Lockutas' glory days haunt the lips of it's citizens, who yearn for the time when the country was a viable power in politics.

    Merinas - A place subjected harshly to necromantic experimentation during the days of the Moon Elf Empire under the supervision of Grand Lieutenant Vex the Malign, it has since fallen largely into ruin save sparse necropoli. Merinas was one of the first countries to fall to the Empire and was gifted to Lieutenant Vex for his part in the Empire's expansion.

    Regen - Outside the relatively peaceful land of Herea lies the forsaken Regen. So named for it's massive population of regenerative beasts, such as Hydras, Trolls, and the dreaded Tarrasque that sleeps underground off the coast, Regen is a dense marshland that was left untouched by the agricultural development of Herea. Whilst much of the inhabitants are mindless or tribal, the primary power in Regen is a sentient 12-headed pyrohydra warlord named Polymus, who demands the obedience of his peers by intimidation and brute strength.

    Much of the North-West region was left a mystery after the fall, when the destruction of the Dragon Palace erased many of the world maps. Inhabitants seem to have their own sense of direction for the region, but outsiders have little idea what goes on "up west".

    Symbols per Country per Race

    If anyone wants to re/name anything, let me know
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