At the sight of the gaping wound he inflicted with his attack, all traces of doubt flee Meantooth's face. Fire returns to the shaman's eyes, and with a loud growl he viciously rips the dagger from the zombie's shoulder and prepares for another strike.

"You, dagger man!" He yells to Morris, cautiously circling the grappling undead. "Step foreward, we flank him NOW!"

On this last word Yezt springs forward, thrusting the dagger into the skull of the undead horror.

Actions: I'm not sure if Morris is in melee range of the zombie or not. If he is, Yezt moves around the creature until he is in a flanking position. If Morris is not, Yezt moves to the square opposite the most convenient square for Morris to move to on his action. Regardless, he attempts to finish the zombie off.

Attack: (1d20+5)[16] Subtract 2 if flanking does not apply.
Damage: (1d3+2)[3]
Threat: (1d20+5)[7] Subtract 2 if flanking does not apply.