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Thread: Remnants of Cyre <Team Two>

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    dagger-slash (1d20+6)[24] slash-damage (1d3+6)[7]
    wolf-bite (1d20+3)[16] bite-damage (1d6+1)[7] t-t-trip (1d20+2)[8]

    AC 20 HP is down to 7 / 15.

    "NGYYAAARRRGGGHH!" The goblin shouts as clammy teeth rake across his leg. Fang growls deep, then, shaking herself free of the unnatural stupour of the zombies, the bitch lunges and clamps her teeth heavily onto the undead's thigh. She pulls back hard, ripping away both flesh and mayhap some modicum of balance from the shambling hulk of unbreathing flesh.

    "DIE, YE DAMNED NECROMONGRELS!", Ja'khaa yells as he leans forward into yet another shorthanded slash across the zombie's other thigh, attempting to topple it.
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