Snarling savagely, Yezt leaps upon the felled corpse and brutally decapitates it, slashing the neck open and ripping its head off with his bare hands.

"Good work, dagger man. You make a worthy ally, even to shaman-king Meantooth." He proclaims to Morris, punching the changeling's arm in admiration. "See if hurt-man can be saved, or kill him. Then maybe you help strange-man with the door. Meantooth is going outside."

[Goblin]Let's see what sort of mincemeat my allies have made of the other zombie...[/Goblin] He thinks as he strides over to Sripor's makeshift barricade. Focusing his mind on his spiritual vestments, Yezt unleashes the power of his blink shirt, teleporting through the wall and 20 feet into the street in front of the inn. "Grak'tak!" He swears, seeing the downed hexblade and Jak'haa surrounded by a half-dozen fresh zombies.