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Thread: Remnants of Cyre <Team Two>

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    dagger-slash (1d20+6) slash-damage (1d3+6)
    wolf-bite (1d20+3) bite-damage (1d6+1) t-t-trip (1d20+2)

    Ja'khaa's stats: HP 6 (inclusive of the 2 temp HP from rage) AC 20

    "GYAARAAAGGGHH!" yells the goblin as the foe he fought fell heavily onto the cobblestones, sinews severed ad entrails spilled and reeking.

    The foul undead swarm once more upon Ja'khaa, Fang and Zin, swiping dumbly with stiff arms and snapping madly with slavering jaws. Ja'khaa glimpses through the sweet, blood-mad haze of his rage that the fortune-telling spearman twitches on the ground and manages to curl himself up into a protective fetal position right before having to defend himself against the foebeasts' storm of strikes.

    One of the zombies stumbles over Zin's prone form and its snapping jaws gnash empty air. Ja'khaa jerks his left knee, making Fang leap to her left, neatly sidestepping another zombie.

    The space is too crowded, however, and the undead pile in hard and fast. GRZZZKKK! Two of the beasts lunge at Ja'khaa with open mouths but only manage to latch onto the heavy oaken surface of the wolfrider's shield as he swats it at them.
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