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Thread: Remnants of Cyre <Team Two>

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    (1d20+6)[15] regular attack
    (1d3+6)[9] damage
    (1d20+3)[18] Fang's bite
    (1d6+1)[5] damage
    (1d20+2)[4] wolf's trip-check

    With his shield thus occupied and his arm's reflexes weakened from blood loss, the goblin is unable to properly defend himself. A hulking brute of a zombie, fire-eyed and bristle-bearded, charges forward, opens its mouth to a ghastly width and bites down on Ja'khaa's head.

    The lancer recoils from the monstrosity but he still feels the bruising force of its jaws and the scraping of its teeth on his cheeks. Thankful for the grace of a helmet, he pulls himself back, then slams his dagger into the beast's neck, ripping it across the throat as he screams, "VOR ZYRE! NYARRAGAAAAH! THE BLACKCLAW FOR CYRE!" Beneath him, he feels Fang lunge at the brute, her jaws snapping at the blighter's belly.

    Suddenly, he sees a flash of light behind the undead mob and starts back in surprise when he sees Yezt Meantooth step into the road from thin air. [Goblin] "Pull them down or push them back, comrade! I need some space!"[/Goblin]
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