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    Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

    Harold looks over the basement of his house, converted into his private lab. He ponders what has changed in his life as a result of this accident. Reaching for his clipboard, he is still startled when it flies to his hand. "Today, is going to be the first truly unusual day... but I have a feeling, things will get worse."

    After throwing together some vintage clothing, til he has a look that is acceptable, he gathers up his pistols and ammunition. Then looks over the pieces of his glider. A bit of mental effort and the metal bends and folds, assembling itself to something like the image in his mind. He turns to his electronics table and assembles a rudimentary police scanner. He then turns it on and waits to hear what may be happening in the new world of mutations. While listening he looks over a small makeup kit he used in his last LARP, pulling out an oversized nose, he nods to himself. "That will do nicely under the scarf."
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