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    Josh Snider AKA Legion

    Being woken up at 8 A.M by a bump underneath the sheets which he presumed was his dog (Katie) was never a common occurrence for Josh. Since he didn’t have a “legal” job he could wait until 10 before starting to get his work done, but on this morning he felt very very awake “Well, now that I’m awake I can get on to doing nothing.” he mumbled while looking around for the remote. Unfortunately searching through the TV channels didn’t find much entertainment… Static Shock… Get-rich-quick…Han shoots first… before stopping at Eye Witness News “We’re standing here where a large explosion destroyed a chemical plant, right here in Rainsport more on the story as it develops… ” “ Eye witness News… he scoffed “ I was Eye witness News” leaving the TV on so that he can listen to it at his hearty breakfast of Magneto Metal-O’s with an extra portion of General Chowsa chicken after the reporters had finished some nonsense story his attention was immediately grabbed “Rainport Hospital is reporting that people exposed to the chemicals are developing, get this, Superpowers!! ” A smile spread across his face as he remembered where he was… “ Go web go! ” Nothing “ Form of Cthulhu! ” Nothing “ Flame on! ” Nothing, after continuing this for about 10 mins he finally gets around to super healing by making a small nick on his fingertip watching as the wounds close as fast as he move his knife, Sure it can heal a scratch but how about a… dog bite? quickly ripping off the blanket he was immediately startled by the presence of himself but it quickly faded into a giant ear-to-ear smile as he realized he had even more fantastic powers than healing “ WAKE UP CUTIE! ” shocking himself awake and then quickly calming himself down so he could explain to himself everything that had happened… After nicely fitting a plot recap into his monologue they began to wonder about how to resolve the originality issue “ Ok, I think I know how to find out who’s original, If our superpower is like that dude from X-Men 3 we should be able to absorb our clones and whoever isn’t absorbed is obviously the original… so touch.” After barely a millisecond of contact the clone disappeared, leaving behind only a slight electric tingle going up his arm bugging him slightly. So… time for some reinforcements… he thought as he stretched out his hand poofing into existence someone exactly like the earlier clone and a few seconds later a second one. “ So I trust we all know what we would do in this situation before hearing there thoughts on the matter Literally he would have been surprised by this if he hadn’t already found so much replying back in thought mode Ok here is our current plan
    1. We all get in the car
    2. You guys drop me off at the hospital in order to search for potential allies.
    3. 3. You um… GORGES will be dropped off at Ceiling-Mart and look for anything that we could use to crack a safe and we’ll discuss which looks best..
    4. You um… HOOVER will then go to that stereotypically average bank and take notes and make sketches of anything important.
    Got it? Ok let’s go.

    "Wait were being named after dams?" GORGES said as they got in there truck.
    A smile slid across HOOVER face as the truck pulled out of the driveway "Dam straight." he said.

    Me and my two clones GORGES and HOOVER are going respectively to the St. Paul's Medical, to Ceiling-Mart, and Middlebrooke bank.