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    “The Man”

    As his body finally congealed into his sexy form he wondered what it was that had called him forth this time. He looked around and saw that his other self was surfing the Victoria’s Secret webpage. “Was I really such a looser until I woke up?” he wondered. But enough of that, he must make use of every second he was awake. The Dork could awaken at any moment. He needed to act fast. The last time he had awakened, he had barely made it back to the apartment from his visit with Angie his cousin. Fortunately she agreed to help him whole heartedly, and even went so far as to quit her job to work as his personal assistant. Thank goodness she was immune to his sexiness, since he could trust her to work for him without his powers being a distraction.
    He quickly dialed her number humming along to his own theme music as he waited for her to answer. “Faunty is that you?” she answered.
    “Don’t call me that! I am more than he ever was! Besides I cannot let it be known who I was. Please call me anything but that.”
    “How ‘bout boss? I mean you do pay me to be your chauffer after all.”
    “Fine, fine. Anyways this isn’t a social call. I need you to come pick me up in the limo and get me to City Hall. I’m going to try to appear at the press-conference, to let the world know of the true wonder of what has happened.”
    “Ok boss. I’ll be there in a jiffy”
    He quickly left his apartment by the back door, and snuck around the end of the chain link fence. He didn’t want anyone to associate him with Fauntleroy, so he had to be careful. He ran across the street to a small vacant lot where he paced about as he waited, hoping that he wouldn’t change back at an inopportune moment. EDIT:

    If angie makes it through the quarantine, or if The Man's apartment is outside the quarantine line: As Angie pulled into the lot he heaved a sigh of relief. He seriously needed to get rid of his former self.

    Otherwise: After a few minutes his cell phone rang.
    “The roads are blocked. I can't get through what should I do?”
    “Hmph. I guess I should've watched the news more carefully. Tell me where you are and I'll come to you”
    “On the corner of Maple and 5th”
    “Fine. Just stay in that general area. I'll come to you.”
    He started moving towards Maple Street, hoping his form didn't change. He seriously needed to get rid of his former self.

    The Man is trying to head over to City Hall to get into the Press-Conference.
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