Judith awakens later than usual, as she can tell from the sunlight coming in through the cheap curtains over her bed. "Mmmmf..." She was hungry, too. And... urg, yes, she had a headache. She didn't think she'd drunk that much last night... Sleepily, she rolls over with her face into the pillow—and feels someone else there with her. There's an odd burst of wakefulness as she does.

"'The hell!?" she exclaims, rolling out of her bed and getting to her feet—rolling into the wall and sitting up—what? The figure sitting on the bed looked like her—she could see someone standing over her who looked like she could be her twin—

Jude grimaces, clasping her hands to her head and slumping her face into both hands. "What..." She hears it twice, as if there are two separate echoes. "Ugh..."

Still dressed in rumpled jeans and coat from last night, she stumbles out the door into her living room/kitchen, opening the fridge mechanically. She can still see the wall of her bedroom, but without the odd double vision of everything she can start to think more clearly. What the hell... I can see both rooms. I'm in two places at once? She walks to her couch, crossing her own field of vision through the doorway; involuntarily, she shivers. Seeing herself from two points of view was too bizarre to handle right now. Mind working furiously, she tries to figure out what could possibly be going on. Dream, maybe? She tries pinching herself sharply, and feels two separate pinches. So... either she was still asleep, or it wasn't a dream or hallucination.

Numbly, she flips on the remote to her tiny TV in hopes it can provide some sort of distraction while she tries to work this out, in time to hear King's report. Surprisingly, the TV actually helps, and she listens avidly—in the other room, she also strains her ears to listen, completely unnecessarily. "One-twelve..." she mutters to herself, "that's near here, isn't it?" She's surprised to hear the second part of the sentence coming from the other room rather than from this one.

Finally, she gets up and walks out of the bedroom again, glancing up at herself from the couch. It was... bizarre, but not the nausea-inducing feeling it had been before. Okay, so... telepathic link with a twin sister?

Hah, yes, I don't have any long-lost sisters.

Are we—am I—are we different people? I can't tell the difference.
She shivers. How would we even know? One of us didn't exist until today, or at least I only had one body. She walks to the kitchen corner and begins to toast some bread, pausing and getting out twice as many slices as usual. She felt hungry—or both of them did. Another shiver, and this time she watched herself shiver. If we are two different people, we're very closely linked.

It's one of the oddest breakfasts she's ever had. Both of her are hungrier than normal, but it doesn't distract her from thinking furiously as she eats. So... a quarantine. Are they keeping people from leaving, or just from coming in?

The first one of her to finish heads back into the bedroom, putting on some less rumpled clothes, and leaves the small apartment, glancing about the street curiously. I wonder what happened to the other people? The news would've said if it was all the same... She strolls casually north, wondering where the quarantine line is—it was likely that her flat was within the quarantine line.

Back in her apartment, she continues watching the news, flipping to other channels to see if anyone else had anything to say about this.