Simon Graves finished the renovations to his apartment shortly after 8. All of the electric lights had been broken, the bulbs smashed and the wires ripped out of the sockets. All of the windows had been sealed with several layers of duct tape to prevent even the slightest glimmer of sunlight from entering the darkened apartment. The light was his enemy now, far more so than ever before. Before it exposed him; now it murdered him.

He completed his work and turned on the news, carefully turning down the brightness on the television set so as not to harm his shadowy flesh. The news reports indicated that many of the more heavily mutated individuals were being taken to St. Paul's for treatment. A tempting target, but too dangerous so early on. He still had yet to fully explore all of his powers, and he had no idea of the capabilities of those within the hospital. They would have to wait.

Perhaps he should test his powers on those who had none, he considered. The mayor would undoubtedly be holding a conference at City Hall. One swipe of his deadly claws, and it would be over. But no, he scolded himself. It was broad daylight out and the mayor would likely be surrounded by the hated light.

He decided that he would do some scouting to try and discover any isolated individuals who had been mutated by the explosion. He exited through a window on the west side of the hallway, his body melding into the shadows as he stepped out of the window. He need not worry about being seen. Some of his first victims had been the entire population of his floor of the apartment building, giving him a small measure of privacy. There were only three, and none of them were social enough to be noticed for a few days at least. By then he would have plans for the future.

He traveled several blocks, disappearing into one shadow only to reappear across the street, his red eyes gleaming from the depths of the darkness. Few were out this early, and none noticed him. After a few minutes he came across something of interest. A black haired man wearing a trenchcoat and sporting a pair of japanese swords was fighting with a group of police. His stance showed that he was skilled in martial arts, and the obvious restraint of his actions showed that he was easily capable of defeating the cops. This merited investigation.

One of the cops had unluckily positioned himself just within the shadows of an alley coming off of the main street. As he jumped to the nearby shadows, the policeman shivered as he felt a chill pass down his spine. Concealing himself until the last second, the beastial creature that was once Simon Graves leapt from the shadows and drove his claws into the cop's back.

Summary: Sneak up behind one of the policemen and sneak attack from the shadows with claws.


Hide - (1d20+27)[36]
Attack - (1d20+9)[14]
CritCheck - (1d20+9)[10]
Damage - (1d8+1)[5]
SneakAttack - (2d6)[9]