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    I'll do this in parts:

    Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

    As you listen to the police scanner, the sound of chaos fills your ears. From what you can gather, many of the big, important people are all meeting with the Mayor trying to piece this whole mess together. There has also been a small out-break of petty crimes throughout the city, mostly people robbing the local convenience store or the like the wake of confusion. There have also been quite a large number of sitings of people with powers, but none of them have done anything bad yet. Most of the sitings amount to someone flying the air going "WOO-HOO!" or leaping tall buildings in a single bound. The most dangerous example you hear of is some guy who is reportedly on fire, flying about the city, occasionally launching a fireball high into the sky, kind of like fire works. You get the feeling that a lot of these people are testing their limits before they decide what to do.

    EDIT: This part was written before the rest, so you in fact hear the officer's panicked voice (see bottom of post) crying out for aid.

    Josh Snider AKA Legion
    (12 players wasn't enough, no! Some of them had to go ahead and give themselves the ability to be in multiple places at once! )

    1) St. Paul's - After you shove your way past reporters who are being denied entry, the full view of what really happened during the explosion. You arrive at the conclusion that being a nurse or doctor at this very moment is the singularly worst occupation you could possibly have on the face of the earth. After looking at some of the others who were caught in the blast, you realize you were incredibly lucky. What has happened to some of the people is beyond nightmarish, it defies all explanation as to how people could stand that has happened to them, both physically and mentally. They have erected a mini sub ward (at the far end of the hospital) for many of the people who can't quite control their abilities yet, as to prevent damage to the hospital itself. You also note a few people who have been changed doing their best to aid the nurses and doctors. It seems like everyone who is able is being put through a collection of tests to determine what exactly happened to the people affected, MRI's, blood samples, etc. are all being administered.

    You get the feeling that this probably isn't the best place to recruit allies, as many of the people are concentrating on trying to stay alive and/or are too freaked out to hold on a conversation for too long. However, you find a few diamonds in the rough:

    It seems like one of the nurses was in the blast as well, and is now exhibiting super human speed, much to the relief of the other nurses. You see her basically being the go-to girl for most of the hospital. She reports to one of the main doctors, dashes off quicker than you can blink and is back in less than 5 minutes with the task already completed. Apparently however, she is still not quite used to moving so much, as she collapses (not literally) into one of the chairs by the main desk panting. When she finally stops you get a good look at her. She's only about 5'4" with brown hair in a bun, fair skin, and blue eyes. She looks to be about in her mid to late 20's. One of the nurses calls her "Jen".

    The next one you see is a guy who has apparently blinking out of existence all morning and reappearing somewhere else. But now it appears that he's getting the hang of it, but he still occasionally disappears to another location. He appears to be in his low 20's, has blond hair, is wearing a blue polo, and tan khaki pants.

    The final person you see now resembles a beacon of glowing blue light, in a human-esque form floating a few feet off the ground. Their eyes are glowing white with energy. This one is helping contain those who don't quite control their powers yet.

    2) Ceiling Mart - You strike upon the outdoor aisle, which has a large number of multipurpose tools and swiss army knifes. If you believe that you could generate enough man power, there are a bunch of crowbars a few aisles down. At the other end of the store there is a section where you can order some guns and ammunition, but they keep none in stock as per store policy, there is quite a line at this section.

    3) Middlebrooke bank -As you walk in, there are 4 teller booths opposite and parallel the door, all of which have a teller at the station. To you immediate right at the door, there is a slightly overweight guard siting next to the door, with a camera above his head on the wall, he does not have a gun on his person, but does have a night stick. There are 3, maybe 4 cameras in the area behind the tellers pointing towards the door and the waiting area, and another two pointing that the teller area itself. Off to the left and right are a collection of offices where people meet with bank officials to discuss loans the like. There is a door behind the teller booth marked "Authorized Personal Only" with a guard posted there as well, who is of similar build to the other one and armed in the same manner. When one of the tellers goes into the back room, you see a hallway with some more offices off to the left and right (presumably for bank executives), and a stair case going down at the end of the hall on the right, with a guard seated next to the door, apparently asleep. You cannot tell how well armed he is from this distance. The only way into the back room is from the teller booths.

    Andrew Sellars --alias-- Vox Populi

    When you arrive at the hospital, you see a scene quite similar to the one described above (mostly because I'm not writing out another one). Out of the crowd of doctors comes out a rather tired looking one. He's quite lean, has gray wispy hair where he hasn't already gone bald, he does however have an aura of respect and authority about him. When he reaches you he hold out his hand saying "Andrew Sellars I presume? You secretary phoned ahead to tell us you were coming. I'm Doctor Finneas Lyse, I'm in charge of this operation while Doctor Wilson is debriefing all the big wigs. I'm to give you a full tour and answer any questions you have." He pauses and then adds in an after though "...that we know the answer to anyway."

    Joe Kobayashi

    There is a total of 3 cops, when you go into a fighting stance, they also get ready and all place their hands on their guns instinctively. The one on the right draws his gun, but lowers it after a look from the center one, who appears to be in charge. The center one hold out his left hand and talks gently "Woah, woah there buddy. Calm down for a second and think. Please. Is this really what you want to be doing? We all just want to help you. You don't know what those chemicals did to you, nobody really knows what's going on, but the doctors down at the hospital are trying to figure it all out. If you're down at the hospital, you can get immediate treatment if anything goes wrong. Please, it's for your own safety, just come with us down to the hospital."

    “The Man”

    About half an hour goes by when City Hall appears outside you window. From what you can see, the press conference is going to be soon, as many of the microphones and cameras are already up, with many more still being set up. Even as you watch, more news stations and reporters start showing up. Just as you start wondering how long it'll be before the conference, some dorky intern gets up to the podium and says that the Mayor will be here in roughly 30 minutes.

    *mumbles something about tired hands and large numbers of characters*

    The double, or original, doesn't get too far on their walk. They only get about 2 blocks north before they reach the quarantine line. There are Police barricades across the road and 2 police squad cars blocking the road. A bit past them you can see the Hazmat teams dressed all in white, with gas masks that make them look a bit like aliens. There are 4 mobile unit vans that you see all plastered with the biological warning sign. Relief sweeps over you as you realize that you are just outside the quarantine area. As you approach the line, one of the cops says ""I'm sorry Miss, but you can't go any further, this is part of the quarantine area."

    Simon Graves
    *GAAHHHH* I had just hit the preview button thinking I was done, but I guess not *sigh*

    As you creep out of the shadows, the officer and all gathered all oblivious to your presence. As your claw cuts into the officer's body, he lets out a pained gurgle as blood pours from his mouth. The two remaining officers turn and look in horror at what has befallen their friend. The one furtherest from you raises his gun and fires a few rounds into the alley way, all missing their mark, as the middle officer gets on his radio screaming "Some freak just got Larry, we need back up immediately! Send everyone you have! Officer Down! Repeat: Officer Down! Location: corner of 13th and 4th!" before firing some shots into the alley way as well, also missing their mark.
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