(I've been busy all day; something short before bed to get the ball rolling.)

"Good morning, Rainport! It's 6:30am and another sunny day is on tap! Catching up on the headlines of the day, Forthwind Shipping has accepted responsibility for last night's excitement, citing improper storage and insufficient labeling. Their CEO is scheduled to meet with the Mayor today..."

A fleshy tentacle shut the alarm off. He wasn't sure if last night had really happened or not, but work waited for no man...least of all him. Many people in upper management feared his swift rise to his position of power, but times change. What took them years to achieve, he pulled off in months. Stretching, he meandered to the bathroom bleary eyed. It had felt like he hadn't gotten a wink of sleep. He closed the medicine chest, swinging the mirror back toward himself....


He began to hyperventilate. Was he hallucinating or...are those real? He ran his hands over the new additions to his body. Yes, they were real. Last night must have really happened. All right, what exactly happened to me? What can these things do? As if to answer his last question, the one on his left side reached over and fixed him a cup of coffee. I guess anything a normal hand can do. They must be functionally similar to the tails of New World monkeys. This should prove interesting, to say the least.

He decided to call off work sick. It wasn't hard; he had all his sick days left...and no one questioned it when someone in his position of power if they take a sick day. Let's go give this a try; who knows what else may have happened from that accident. The quarry should suffice; it's almost always abandoned. He showered quickly, finding it a sight bit more convenient to have two extra "hands" to juggle things.

Dressing posed a whole new set of problems. How would he keep people from seeing these...things?

As if on cue, the tentacles laid down against his back and down his leg some, blending in with the rest of him. Not bad...not bad at all. Looks like I should be able to keep a normal life with some care. Putting his martial robes on and gathering his weapons of choice, he headed for the subway terminal. Yes...not bad at all...