“The Man”

After hearing the intern speak, “The Man” quickly made a slight change of plans. As he was 30 minutes early, he decided to try to use this to his advantage. He gracefully exited his limo as though he was some famous movie star, and swaggered up to the intern. He began to make inquiries with as much of an air of authority he could muster as his theme song changed with his mood.
“Young man, I need to talk to your superior. Where are they?” he asked. “How can they possibly think to have a press conference about mutants without including one! That is no different than taxation without representation I say! You seem to be a reasonable sort. Surely you agree do you not?”

Get intern to lead me to whoever might be able to get me into the spotlight.

Increase Intern's attitude
Dimplomacy: (1d20+27)[4](31)
Assuming no skill synergies. If bluff and intimidate are both synergies add another +4.