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    Dr. Harold Smith a.k.a. Pulse

    Dr. Smith applied the fake nose and dressed up, nodding to himself, in the mirror. Despite his height, he couldn't imagine anyone putting him and this getup together. To be absolutely sure, he applied some hair-darkening gel.

    He glanced at the police scanner, "Thank god, nothing so far... maybe it will be nothing..." He crossed his fingers, then pulled out a pad of paper. "I have to call a few people soon. But not too soon. People are going to be collecting information and evidence, but I need to wait long enough for them to gain a substantial amount, but not too long so some superior puts a gag order on them that will make them too afraid to talk to me." He starts to jot down a name when a call comes from the police scanner...

    "Some freak just got Larry, we need back up immediately! Send everyone you have! Officer Down! Repeat: Officer Down! Location: corner of 13th and 4th!" Several shots punctuate the end of that sentence.

    Dr. Smith throws down his pad and curses, grabbing his hat. "I can tell that I'm going to be very pissed, very often, about being right about everything!" He puts his feet into the glider's stirrups and rides the oddly shaped wing into the air. He lets the wings fold up as he goes up the stairs and into his garage. He hits the garage door button and rides out into his back yard, then keeping to the shadows of the tall trees which flank the park behind his house, he rises slowly into the air, keeping an eye, and a feel, out for any observers. Living at the end of a fairly lonely cul-de-sac has always appealed to his sense of privacy, now he truly appreciates his prior choices.

    Once he rises above the trees he initiates a final gimmick and lights a long-burning smokestick in the "engine" of the glider. He takes off, as quickly as he may, leaving a plume of smoke as he rides toward his second encounter with destiny. Once he clears the park, he finally does hear one or two voices shouting, "What's that?!?" He keeps his mind on what may lie ahead, realizing it could literally be ANYTHING!

    As he approaches from the air, he looks down at the shadowy, and somehow macabre scene, and spots police and a man with a pair of swords. He draws his own pistols, scanning for anything else that might be out of the ordinary.

    spot check: [roll]1d20+14[/roll]
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