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    The Log Man (2nd level Vestige)

    Legend: Few have heard the tale of the mysterious Log Lady, a Diviner gone mad. Some say that the very void of vestiges itself called out to her. Others say she simply witnessed a murder, and went mad. Only those who bind TheLogman know the truth, that she is the very keeper of the void itself. It all started with 1 woman, whose first name is lost in time. Her Surname was Palmer. She was gruesomely murdered, and although 1 man was blamed for it all, the truth is known only by 2 persons, the Log Lady, and her male counterpart, the LogMan. The two of them were personally investigating the murder of Palmer, but in the process found a rip in time and space. Using their coveted Druidic Lore and years of secret Druidic Knowledge, the two fashioned a key to the portal to what is now known as the void. This key is the Log that the Log Lady carries. However, in the process now lost to time itself, the LogMan was swept up into the Portal in-between worlds, and now habits a place in the Void known as the Black Lodge. To this day, the Log Lady carries the Log that she used to seal the portal, and some say she can even hear the voice of the Log Man, calling out to her.

    Manifestation: The LogMan appears as a middle-aged Druid holding a sizeable Log. However, as he speaks to the binder, shady figures move about, and regardless of the lighting where the binder is binding, lights begin to flicker on and off. Occasionally, the Log Man will pause speaking to the Binder, and speak inaudibly to another lost in the Void.

    Sign: When Bound to the Log Man, a Tatoo of a Log appears on your Right Arm, and your hands become like bark. This does not have any Crunch effect.

    Influence: Because he was a Druid, The Logman demands that you respect nature, and must not harm and Animal or Plant unless it attacks first. Also, because his last act was the investigation of Palmer's murder, he demands you look into any crime recently committed in the area, especially murder.

    Powers Granted: The LogMan grants the user a powerful Log to use in combat, basic Druidic powers, and the ability to consult the Black Lodge and the Void itself.

    Log of Power As a Standard Action, a Binder bound to the Log Man may call forth a Log that functions as a Great Club. If the Binder is not Proficient with a Great Club, the Binder is proficient with it for the remainder of the time he is bound to the Log Man. As the Binder Advances, so does the Log. When the Log leaves the Binder's hands, it disappears, but can be re-summoned.

    Woodland Stride The Binder gains Woodland Stride as a 2nd level Druid

    Produce the Void Once every 5 Rounds, the Binder may use Produce Flame, as a Druid of his level would, except it deals untyped damage.

    Consultation of the Void The Binder may spend an additional Full Round action when making a Knowledge check to receive a 2d8 Bonus to that check. Also, the Binder may make Knowledge checks untrained.

    EDIT: Made the Club a little worse.
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