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    Current contest entry:
    None at this time.

    How to get a bunch of Undead out of one corpse:(Now collected into a single thread)

    Off-site link to Wizards, covering the Summon Undead line.

    Older threads with older discussion can be found here.

    Non-Organ Templates:
    Mummy: Because I believe that almost all undead should be templates. First post of a thread that will hopefully be dedicated to that concept.

    Half-Warsong Dragon: Sonic-based. Created in 10 minutes and it shows, but should be usable.

    Eripmav: This is a "Low-Powered Non-Evil Vampire". Sounds pretty boring right? Nope! It has a lot of interesting quirks to it, and replaces all that over-done angst with something that encourages roleplay with random NPCs and maybe even between party members.

    Miscellaneous Creatures:
    But first an off-site link to something for making making monsters easier. A bit more detailed than the other one I think.
    And here is a helpful spreadsheet for PF (and thus somewhat for 3.0/3.5) for reasonable ranges for monsters of a given CR.

    The Black Wind: Made in response to a request for a rare random encounter that would terrorize low-level characters but not kill them, but could be a real fight at higher levels.

    De-Hydra: A variant hydra based around a pun.

    Chicken Golem: Created by the servants of Cluckzor and/or She-Who-Clucks, these golems are created by gluing live chickens together. They are almost as inefficient as they sound as far as combat potential per hit-die, but hey, at least they are fairly cheap!

    Fractal Bear: A bear with the upper torsos of smaller bears for fore-limbs, each of which have the same thing going on. Comment HERE.

    Subra: Lower CR example creature for The Demented One's Kaleidoscopic Dream discipline.

    Tenacious Badger and Wolverine: Immortal Fortitude stance added basically... just a sketch (like a template), rather than full stat-blocks.

    Tittering Brick Squirrel: Really annoying... drops bricks on you, then laughs at you.

    Disco Dragons: Avatars of Funk, arch-foes of Beige Dragons. Groovin'est dragons ever to grace the planes with their bodacity. Comments may be found and made HERE.

    Warp Hog: Like a wart hog, but after it hits something it instantaneously Dimension Doors away to do it again.

    Favored of the Traveler God: What Lichdom is to the Death domain, this is to the Travel domain. Comment HERE.

    Castor and Pollux: A pair of VERY well equipped wing dragons working as a border patrol. Winner of the First Alchemyprime Monstrous Contest. Trophy is in a spoiler near the end of this post .

    True Fairy Dragon: Fairy Dragons done as True Dragons, with 12 age categories and so on. Currently a work in progress.

    Masooze: Intelligent Oozes that are specifically designed to give spa treatments. Another one of my pun creatures.

    Devotion Bower: Firmly rooted but with mobile limbs and launchable thorns, these servants of Allurehn grant refuge to star-crossed lovers (of the True rather than Flighty kind) in an extra-dimensional space inside themselves. Comment HERE. Example 6 HD version with 2 4th level commoners inside HERE.

    Pez-Ants: Suggestion I came up with to be commoners of Candyland.

    Fiend Fungus: BMCM (Bio-Magical Counter-Measures) for evil. No direct threat. Just an Evil Alignment and lots of HD.

    Soda Vulture: A scavenging elemental based on a pun on the term "Sotto Voce" (meaning "Under the Breath").

    The First Word and The Final Word: Two unique outsiders sprung from the ponderings of gods and mortals alike on tactical trade-offs. Comment HERE.

    Acorn Folly: A creature with a unique weakness. Meant to be defeated more via good tactical flexibility (AKA willingness to actually retreat the first time it is encountered) and research than just wailing on it. Should only be used once against any group of players EVER, and never as a random encounter. Ideally should have an entire adventure built around defeating it.

    Free Spirit comment HERE - The ultimate observers.

    Smokey Floater comment HERE: A way to keep the Smog down in large settlements... just don't let them get too greedy...

    Accursed Conductor: comment HERE. (Incomplete still)

    Mepholk: Snuggly anthropomorphic skunks... Comments HERE. Keld Denar was kind enough to do a 32 point optimized character HERE.

    Astral Pack-Beast: Comment HERE.

    Wing Dragons: Masters of aerial speed and skill Locked thread Commentary HERE. PM me to comment now. One of my most detailed works. For specific examples see Castor and Pollux. Oslecamo did a racial progression class HERE, in his thread for racial progression classes.

    Lord of Rest :(discussion thread is HERE.) Animated beds of unequaled comfort.

    Beige Dragon: Based on an idea in a single panel comic by Richard Burlew. Avatars of Mediocracy and Squareness. Features a Mundane Presence and a Breathweapon of Pure Elemental Ennui.

    Martyr Flitter: A gift from the Heavens that can be used to store up positive energy to be released (by killing it) to heal the living and damage the undead.

    M.I.R.V. Griffon: A Griffon that can split into smaller ones as it dives... a joke that should be well enough executed that your players will be challenged despite the underlying pun.

    Giraffe-a-pump: A creature both for completists(sp) (HOW is there a massive city in the center of the barren desert???) and those who like a little bit of innocence/cuteness in the mix.


    Falling Anvil: Based on the combat techniques of Bugs Bunny, The Three Stooges, and the Road Runner.
    Quote Originally Posted by Eulalios View Post
    ETA: The Falling Anvil Discipline is one of the coolest funny things I have seen.

    Spoiler: Things to fix when I get an editable version:
    Alter "Be Wary Wary Quwiete" so it negates all bonuses and penalties from camouflage, including from most magic items.

    Reciprocal link to THIS.

    And this

    This for inspiration.

    Individual Maneuvers:
    Funky and Square Maneuvers: To round out Devoted Defender for the third axis of alignment.

    Anti-Swallow Whole: Stance to leap down purple-worm's throats, without them getting a bite in, and then tunnel to from their stomach to their heart and STAB it. Also a strike that helps you get your friends out if the Purple Worm swallows them first.

    Faultline and Volcano series: Stone Dragon maneuvers that take long enough to charge up that they are only useful for ambushes, guarding a choke-point, or breaking a barrier.

    Feats: (Note that feats specific to a single class or race are not listed here.)
    Alchemical Aura
    Balance of Fulminating Energies
    Balance of Life and Death
    Heart of Fire and Ice
    Negative Sound
    --Master of the Balance of Energies
    : Neutralize energy types on the fly.

    Tightened Lips: Quiet Strength.

    Discerning: Spell has no effect on creatures of a specific alignment. Thread also contains two matching weapon enhancements.

    Diving Evasion: Hit the deck to get out of the way of both blades and fireballs.

    Sniper's Patience: Why waste an arrow if you are just going to miss?

    Gemini Strike: For hit and run flanking and other such synchronized attacks.

    Blocker: Increases your ability to screen the squishy types. Good by itself, even better with the Dwarven Defender PrC.

    Brawn over Brain (AKA Physical Training Focus): For Dumb As A Post Monks, Rogues, Fighters, and Barbarians, who still are highly athletic. (Now outdated since I decided this should be a trait, rather than a feat).

    Ignore Opponent: So the (Tucker's) kobold with no class levels can't cause you to count as flanked for the 5th level kobold rogue.

    Careful Reader: You can read scrolls more easily... it just takes you longer.

    Dabbler: More skill points, but reduced caps.

    Inoffensive: Weakened social skills but with a safety net.

    Physical Training Focus: Used to be a feat, thinking it works better as a trait.

    House Rules:
    Alternate Table Turning/Rebuking Table: Useful for lower levels when turning/rebuking undead with fractional hit-dice. Goes well with the organ undead, many of whom are glass canons.

    Alternate Spell-save DC: Very simple "DC = 10 + 1/2 caster level +casting stat mod. - spell level". See post/thread for further analysis.

    Total Defense and Steeling the Will: "I clutch my hands to my temple and yell 'Stay out of my head you!'. "

    Reverse Enchanting: Turn that +5 Unholy Vorpal Sword you captured into a +5 Vorpal Sword so it won't give you a negative level anymore.

    Combat Aroma-Therapist
    : Silly but (theoretically?) playable bard option.

    "Special Snowflake Christmas Trees": Making variations in magic item load-outs more varied via various tweaks to character classes and the items themselves.

    Setting Aspects:
    Were-world: What better way of keeping rodenthropy and actual lycanthopy from EVER becoming epidemics than by inoculating EVERYBODY with some strain of theranthropy?

    Split Blast: Trade power for multi-targeting with this blast shape invocation... most useful in combination with eldritch essence invocations that produce an effect in addition to the initial damage. Also includes a rather interesting NPC who uses this blast shape to aid him in his work as a rat-catcher.

    Enhance Familiar and Imbue Familiar with Invocation Equivalents to Familiar buffs (and one utility that is very much like a defensive buff) for members of Invocation using classes who have familiars. Made to synergize with my Coward's-Strike Warlock.

    Higher level variations on Shield Other: Versions that do ability score reductions (damage, drain, burn, penalty, etc), or negative levels. Also multitarget versions (a risky thing!) including variations that distribute the negative effects across all the targets, rather than just to the caster.

    Deadly Ground: Causes natural features such as trees and the ground to penetrate certain types of damage reduction and have a chance of damaging incorporeal creatures.

    Troll's Deception: An illusion that alters the touched target's apparent damage reduction and/or regeneration.

    Obscuring Mist, Improved
    Fog Cloud, Improved
    : Your allies can see through these just fine, but they impede your enemies' vision.

    Singular Word: A spell that gains power based on how long you were silent before casting it.

    Mindblower: Based on the "Mind=Blown" gifs, with shrapnel damage to secondary targets based on the mental ability scores of the primary target.

    Shadow Mirror: Improved version of Mirror Image where your enemies always guess wrong, but stricter about where you can be.

    Retain Post-Mortal Servant: Making mindless undead and deathless a tad less useless.

    Hasten Undeath/Deathlessness: Causes a corpse that would already animate to do so faster. Based on Order of the Stick #848, with name for first one by archaeo.

    Cure Minor Wounds, Mass: Because I like to see patterns extended, and it is great for saving lives on a battle-field.

    Endure Environment, Greater/Lesser: Endure Elements duration, that actually gives resistance to energy damage (including a small amount of positive/negative energy resistance if you want that instead). Very versatile spells, but higher level and the actual amounts of the resistances aren't very large by comparison.

    Detect Chaos and Turn It to Ice Sculpture
    Detect Evil and Turn It to Sizzling Bacon
    Detect Good and Turn It to Roast Chicken
    Detect Law and Turn It to Goo
    : Based on a motivator. Auto-targeting, Area of Effect, Damage Over Time. Three different spell-levels and all four alignments for a total of twelve spells!

    Detect Magic and Turn It to Rubble: Arcane counterpart to the above.

    Enhance Poison: Keeps poisons and ravages relevant at higher levels by giving them spell resistance against detection/resisting/curing, higher DCs, and other benefits.

    Air Swim: Great for tritons, and not half-bad for everyone else. "Little Brother" to Air Walk.

    Raise Legion
    : Multi-target version of Raise Dead.

    Q-Ray Vision: Detect illusions by blocking out reality.

    Control Magic: Why destroy something when you can steal it instead?

    Heir's Teleportation: Magical Ceasarian Section.

    Inoculation equivalents: Like it says on the thread title "An Ounce of Prevention is worth a Pound of Cure". The higher levels of this will can allow a few casters to halt the spread non-magical plagues dead, or protect a group from even Mummy Rot and Devil Chills.

    Confuse Languages: Temporary scramble your ability to communicate so as to prevent language dependent effects from working on you. Comes in Personal, Single Target, and Mass versions, plus a "Battle Code" version that still lets team-mates communicate. Single Target and Mass versions also useful on enemies.

    True Haste: Combines the best (not most powerful... best) aspects of the 3.0 and 3.5 versions of Haste, while hopefully retaining the same power level as the 3.5 version.

    Weapon Enhancements:
    Pseudo-Dancing Manipulate your weapons from afar.

    Discerning, Lesser/Greater Can't harm creatures of a specific alignment. Thread also contains a related metamagic feat.

    Durable: Are you a bit tired of rust monsters eating your weapons and armor?... then this enhancement is not for you. Are you REALLY FURIOUS about rust monsters eating your weapons and armor? Then this enhancement may be what you are looking for.

    Boon: Usually not a boon to its WIELDER, this is sorta the opposite of Bane. Mostly discussion point, nothing finalized.

    Flickering: Substitutes a reflex save by the target for each to-hit roll by the wielder. (DC based on attack bonus of strike).

    Mole: For fighting with big slashing and bludgeoning weapons in tight spaces and other creative uses. Most of weapon has an earth elemental's "Stone Swim" ability.

    Specific Weapons:

    Paladin's Scythe: Ok, so this could use a better name. It is still incredibly flavorful. My first item that grows with its owner.

    Club of the Moron: Not really very useful for dealing hit-point damage. Somewhat useful for dealing wisdom damage. Very useful for beating yourself over the head to make your falling anvil maneuvers more useful.

    Halitosis-berd: Gains effectiveness the worse the wielder's breath is.

    Misc. Magic Items:
    Headband of Mind-Shielding: Item with an (oft-overlooked?) benefit of Protection from Chaos/Evil/Good/Law.

    Belt of Recovery: Stand up more easily when knocked prone.

    Circlet of Mindless Mind: Making mindless undead and deathless a tad less useless. (The item form of Retain Post-Mortal Servant).

    Gloves of the Mole: For those who think flight is for the birds and want to get closer to earth.

    Cursed Teas: Constant Commentary, Leech-y Nut, Irish Breakfast Tea, Spearmint Surprise, Cinnamon Beat-Stick, Squirrel Gray, 'Rooibos Vanilla, Darkjeeling, English Break-fist, Oolooooooong, Charomile and many more.

    Demon's Belt: Continuous item of Dimensional Anchor for when you are off-plane and don't want to get Banished/Dismissed, or want to be prepared for prismatic effects.

    Master's and Grandmaster's Wizards Chess Sets: Random_Person made a chessboard whose pieces enlarge and animate to fight, I created these more powerful version with tweaked rules. If you want to see his version, view the whole thread, then look at the first post.

    Wizards Xiangqi Set: After doing the above, I thought I might expand it to at least one non-Western version of Chess.

    Gummy Sphere: Entertainment item, allow eater to blow bubbles out of their ears. No real adventuring applications that I can see. Part of a larger thread of candies started by someone else..

    Arc Vest and Arcing Shield/Armor Enchantment: Major electricity damage for fighters and rogues, but requires careful teamwork.

    Cards: To add to a Deck of Many Things. Mix, match, create your own temptation for your players.

    Mundane Items:
    Unusual Poisons: Poisons that cause everything from fear to excessive ear-wax (which affects listen checks). Also my old Hunter's Friend (AKA "Mage Bane") and derivative ideas. Int damage and fast recovery allows low cost without upsetting game balance.

    Base Classes:
    Telekinetic Bladestorm: Up to sextupal (or octupal with an ACF that limits you to light weapons) wield weapons telekinetically, plus flight and fields of whirling blades.

    Grace-gift: For those who honestly would rather buff their allies rather than take offensive action. Share out your impressive defenses with your allies, and (once you get a few levels in) put the pain on anyone who tries to get past you to them with your AoOs.

    World's Simplest Monk Fix: Exactly what it says on the tin. Note that "simplest" does not always mean "best".

    Guardian of Minds: NPC class. What the Adept is to the Sorcerer this is to the Paladin. ((Note: Moral Guardian should be all Su, but I can't edit it because the thread is locked.))

    Lesser Martialist: An attempt at a tier 6 ToB class. Don't know if I hit Tier 6, but it should, at the very least, be weaker than any of the published martial initiators.

    Phileotheysia: The mythic martyr/bodyguard/servant. The mythos version of the Grace-gift.

    Prestige Classes:
    Coward's-Strike Warlock: Warlock specific version of my Artillery Mage. Same deal: Invisible familiar sees them, you shoot them without coming out from behind cover.

    Anchored Guardian Druid PrC about stability. Opposed by Bhu's Seed of Corruption.

    Adept Hunter: A continuation of a Broken Blade Master of One.

    Sublime Form Master: Get a bunch of stances, but no maneuvers.

    Leap Dragoon: Based on Freya Crescent from Final Fantasy IX. Leaps to other planes to gain a moment to focus, then returns with re-doubled momentum. Originally a contest entry it now resides in the first two posts (I have to split it, due to size) of its own thread. As for the contest my entry is first tentatively mentioned in the chat thread HERE. The part of the discussion thread relevant to that overall contest starts HERE.

    True Master of Nine: Because the one in Tome of Battle: Book of Nine Swords really works out to be more like "Master of Six".

    Artillery Mage: Familiar acts as your spotter, you do indirect fire.

    Miasma-mancer PrC: Comment HERE. Specialists in Conjurations related to the elemental plane of smoke.

    Benign Controller: comment HERE Not totally complete, but almost.

    Master of Life and Undeath: Clerics who channel both positive and negative energy and pass gracefully between life, undeath, and death.

    Snake-Blade: Straightforward meleeists focused on the use of poison. Who says only cowardly skulkers use toxins?


    Engineers' Auxillary: Same Blink-Dogs, different weapons.

    Cluckzor: Tragically brain-damaged god of chickens, tricked into Evil by the same being that put the point of a pick into his brain, and manipulated by his double-thinking clergy into not actually being Evil at all really... his clerics sometimes make Chicken Golems patterned after the construction of his personal dwelling.

    Character building:
    Messy stash of character development questions.

    5e Stuff
    (Bardic) College of Songs that Gladden the heart: Focused on improving Bardic Inspiration
    Self-Sacrifice Domain: One of my interim steps as I work up to a 5e conversion of my Grace-gift.
    Helping Hand: My attempt at converting the 3.x spell.
    Band of Blood-Brothers:9th level spell to evenly distribute damage across the entire party.

    Campaign Logs:
    I am Currently Running:

    Currently playing in:
    (None on these boards)

    Ended Campaigns:
    Siege of Iron Fiends
    True Heroes

    Timoci in 100th level Pentastalt game.

    Equestria Begins (Post Hearth's-Warming era My Little Pony game): New Recruiting, Original Recruiting, OOC, IC

    Power Rangers:"BIG TWIST!!" (AKA "Power Rangers: All Grown Up") IC OOC Active Map.

    Ruceeglaelsktinag: "Justifiable Genocide", Contradiction in terms? IC OOC Active Map: None.

    Shards of Terna(Homebrew testing game, playing a Grace-Gift):
    Out of Character

    A Matter of Faith(Gestalt, got to test out my Organ Undead, redone as Deathless):
    Out of Character

    Legacy of Shadow(WAS also testing out my Organ Undead, also redone as Deathless, died stillborn):
    Out of Character

    The Christian Furry Fellowship : Starting off on the Semi-Elemental plane of Candy.

    Age of Warriors Testing (Zany) : In-Character, Out Of Character

    My Little Pony: Exploration is Magic: In-Character, Out of Character, My character Mr Bounder the Unicorn

    4000 Years(to live): Romantic song for Dragons to the tune of "100 Years (to live)" by Five for Fighting

    Research Threads:
    Psuedo-Poll on frequency of level loss to revivification from levels 9 to 16.

    Utter silliness disguised as something like a base classes (actually known as an Acid classes):
    Best read in order.
    ""]The Rethgif[/URL]
    The Draziw
    Vote Up an Acid Class
    Fan continuation
    And a related feat:

    And unrelated joke feats:
    Ironic Will
    Vapid Shot

    To Do (someday... maybe...) list
    (If something sounds especially good, ask via PM... I might make it sooner,rather than later).
    Bladders (Oooo... this is going to be SUCH a pain...)
    Hive Mind Fey Squirrels
    Verve Stealer Ooze (XP drain...NOT LEVEL DRAIN!)
    Humorous but perfectly logical (IE it would make SENSE in a serious campaign, even though it is funny) Chaotic Evil Fiend
    Complete some of the things I left incomplete (some aren't really ever meant to be "complete" in the usual sense, since the fluff is so obvious it isn't fully worth writing).
    Random Stuff dump
    Challenge: Multiconcentration in 5e.

    Complex Numbers as applied to Life, Death, Undeath, and Deathlessness.

    Extended Signature Quotes:
    Sgt. Cookie: But how can you feel fear AND be immune to it?
    BlackestOfMages: True courage is not to feel no fear, but to be afraid and to overcome it. So, immunity to fear means that even when your scared s***less, your able to overcome said fear and still act, rather than being lobotomied

    THIS is good, as well as the preceding and following verse. Too hard to quote directly.

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    Dragons don't tell the laws of reality to sit down and shut up; rather, the laws meekly ask the dragon permission before standing up in the first place.
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    ETA: The Falling Anvil Discipline is one of the coolest funny things I have seen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vectner View Post
    How would you de-louse someone in D&D?
    1) Pour a small amount of gold dust in your left ear
    2) Build a tiny miniature tavern under your right foot
    3) All the lice are killed by an adventuring party made up of an earwig wizard, a silverfish rouge, a ladybug fighter and a weevil cleric.
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    "Don't make me come over there and find out how many experience points you're worth."
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    Wow, you actually came up with a mechanical way to use Kamina Sunglasses to increase your awesomeness. I love it.
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    I also think that Meatloaf could make for an interesting Path...
    OH! OH! OH BOOP YES! Draco I could kiss you right now!
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    I think it's important that both the Build Team and DracoDei know that I would marry DracoDei right now.
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    Yah, but having a lithe build doesn't usually imply that you also wear golden armor that shines with the might of the hottest sun in the sky and that lesser demons kneel before you in both utter fear and awe at remembering how many spinal cords you removed in the past.
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    A bardbarian may rock, but a warforge bard is metal. End of story.
    Quote Originally Posted by Zeta Kai
    My most jarring moment was looking over the gutted & mangled revised skill system. That's when I decided that 4E wasn't for me. Nothing else could hurt me after that; I was numbed by the devastation.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dawgstar On
    Is there ever a time when Kenny Loggin's Danger Zone is not playing in Rainbow Dash's head? Protip: No.
    Adendum to the above, based on "May the Best Pet Win": Actually, she sometimes swaps out for "Ride of the Valkyries"


    Other people's work I don't want to lose track of:
    To sort:;topic=181.0

    Lists and tables of (almost) every published playable race. Useful for Reincarnate or truly random NPCs, as well as character creation ideas.

    Awesome Poem about why Dragons should avoid the 7 Deadly Sins
    ((Actual post since it is in a recruiting thread that will get deleted))
    Listen my hatchling,for now you shall hear
    Of the Only Seven Slayers a dragon must fear.
    First beware Pride, lest belief in one's might
    Has you discount the foe who braves your sight.
    Never Envy other dragons their wealth, power or home
    For dark plots and plans will bring death to your own.
    Your Wrath shouldnt win, when spears strike your scale
    Anger kills cunning, which you will need to prevail.
    A dragon must rest, but Sloth you should dread
    Else long years of napping let assasins to your bed.
    'Greed is good', or so foolish dragons will say
    Until piles of treasure bring killing thieves where they lay.
    Hungry is your body, and at times you must feed,
    But Gluttony makes fat dragons, who cant fly at need.
    A hot Lust for glory, gems, gold, or mates
    Leeds recklesss young drakes to the blackest of fates.
    So take heed of this wisdom precius hatchling of mine,
    And the long years of dragonhood are sure to be thine.

    -from the novel Dragon Champion

    List of some famous builds

    FINISHED attempt at fixing all the core spells. Going to let the link age a while in case of virii before I click it but...

    Move-Action maneuvers for the Nine Disciplines ToB
    The Mane Six in 2nd Edition Mutants and Masterminds

    Common Sense house-rules to consider

    Natural Geography-building thread
    Merging cells in tables(Outdated?)
    Average monster stats


    Only Sane Man
    Funky/Square Axis of Alignment
    Mob and Unit Templates
    Magic: the Gathering color wheel as a substitute (or in my case addition) for the 2 axis system
    Tome of Horrors review
    Cetacean Knight For stuff with fish.

    Age of Warriors spreadsheets:

    PrC I provided most of the capstone for:

    Start of oddly morale boosting part of AoW thread:



    Wing Dragon (Class version) created and played by someone else, from aborted campaign

    Flavorful NPCs that can do stuff, but aren't even near adventurer quality.

    Off-site link to a PrC that is a bit of a spoiler, but of what I will not say...

    How to handle unlucky players?

    For Fnaire

    Discipline appropriate to Wing Dragons

    Contains link to useful homebrew creation tools, and plus a table for bloodlines.

    Table-making stuff with pre-made class-table templates

    Random notes for various works in progress:

    Attila's Math Thread

    Wall of Fire (Filk)


    This starts out morally reprehensible (although hilarious) and ends up being amazing and praiseworthy.

    The very first (and so far only) Internet I won:

    PM that is proof my expectations for players keeping their groups informed of their availability are not completely hopeless:
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    Update: due to unforeseen complications my vacation has been cut short. (It started to become less fun, so we came home.) I am like John Wick in act two of John Wick; I'm thinkin' I'm back!
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