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    The Scroungers Campaign Setting

    Scarcity and Scavenging, Crowding and Conflict

    Base Classes and Variants
    Base Classes in the Scroungers Setting - Variants of core (and some non-core) base classes. Some are idiosyncratic, others are fairly comprehensive. Fluff found in the second half of this post
    Bonded Shaman - A spirit shaman/binder hybrid variant base class
    Hexblade variants and alternate class features
    Mahout and Blessed Mahout - Two alternate class features that give a faithful elephant companion to fighters, barbarians, and rangers
    Scout alternate class features
    Spirit Shaman variants and alternate class features
    The Receiver of Memory - The Giver in d20 3.5

    Prestige Classes
    Anamnetic Scholar - A Giver d20 PrC that allows Receivers to use memories to create undead
    Arcane Empath – Manipulating your foes energies for fun and profit
    Beloved of the Shadow - A PrC that increases the power and versatility of a hexblade's Dark Companion
    Bird Man - This PrC is for the birds! Please don't hurt me for the bad pun
    Border Guardian - A scout PrC that relies on stealth, surprise, and a fearsome reputation
    Breach Mage - A caster who specializes in tearing the fabric of the planes
    Chronicler of Wars Forgotten - A Giver d20 prestige class for the more martially-inclined.
    Faceless Man - A d20 adaptation of the elite assassins from George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire
    Fell Raider – A Scout-based PrC relying on two-weapon fighting and surprise attacks (loosely based on the Fedaykin from Dune)
    Hand of the Rain - Powerful rangers and hunters responsible for conducting a crucial rain-bringing ritual
    Inheritor of the Ancestors - Draw power from relics crafted from the bodies of powerful ancestors
    Knife in the Dark – Finally, a use for that Darkness spell-like ability! One of a group of 3 PrC’s, forming an organization called the Strangers in the Dark
    Luck Shaper - Hexblade's Curses, made to order
    Mah'kaarite Healer - They'll cure what ails you, even if it kills you
    Mafiosi – A group of PrC’s that excel at making offers you can’t refuse
    Midnight Shaman - Spirit shaman who walk the line between servant of their people and guardians of nature, gaining limited totemist meldshaping in return for striking a delicate balance.
    The Outcast – A Warlock PrC specializing in using invocations to escape and avoid persecution
    Outrider - A mounted scout PrC
    Prophet - One gifted with prophesy in a world of absent gods
    Re-Gifting Master - When life throws lemons at you, throw them right back
    Sant-Kavi of the Mahabhagwan - A bard/cleric class that shows the benefits of bhakti
    Scream in the Dark - The baleful hexblade counterpart to the Knife, Sword, and Voice
    Seeker of Kaivalya – A Monk PrC that uses Concentration to exert mental control over opponents (based on the powers attributed to renunciates in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra)
    Servant of the Spirits - You spirit shaman becomes more and more spirit-like herself
    Shadowspell Striker - Duskblade illusionist
    Shard-Touched Priest - A divine caster consumed by radiation
    Shattered Soul - In a soul torn to splinters by chaos, each splinter grows and struggles to dominate the whole
    Skiprider of the Icy Sea - A scout PrC that slides on the top of a razor skipdisk.
    Snake Charmer - Pretty much what it says on the box
    Spellsteed Cavalier - A mounted duskblade PrC
    Spirit Warrior - Chastise Spirits, new and improved
    Swinging Censer - Spreading diseases for fun and profit
    Sword in the Dark – The fighter-like counterpart to the Knife in the Dark
    Vessel of the Ancient Gods - A binder PrC that enters into pacts based on Anansi, Tiger, and the other animal gods as depicted in Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys
    Voice in the Dark – The bardic counterpart to the Knife and Sword in the Dark
    Whisky Bottle Champion – Drink your way out of depression and into victory
    Wielder of the Astras - Disciplined warriors who wield weapons forged by the gods
    Wielder of Fallen Souls - A grim totemist PrC that uses a unique set of soulmelds based on the abilities of fiends.

    LA 0 Aasimar and Tiefling variants - Fluff found here
    Altered (template) - Fluff found here
    Badgerfolk - If you wanna be a badger, just come along with me!
    Fleshwrought - A flesh golem-like bloodline, fleshwrought replace parts of their bodies with flesh culled from the dead
    Gunchadh – A race of nomads adapted to life in the deep desert
    Sea Dwarves - Pretty self-explanatory, actually. Fluff found here
    Vanar – Anthropomorphic, size-changing monkeys inspired by the Indian epic The Ramayana

    New feats for duskblades
    Elephant warfare feats - Feats for mahouts, elephants, and those fighting against them
    Everyman Exalted Feats - New exalted feats for non-caster, non-monk, non-paladins.
    New feats for hexblades - Including multiclassing feats and new [Hex] feats
    New feats for hexblades II - More [hex] feats; vampiric touch-style curses and curse channeling
    Memory feats - New feats for the Giver d20
    Memory feats II
    Polearm Feats – Everything from pole-vaulting to striking with the haft to madly swinging your weapon around in a circle
    Pummel – Pretty self-explanatory, actually
    Repelling Stench – Your feet stink!
    Feats of the Scroungers Setting - Including regional feats
    New feats for scouts - General and multiclassing feats
    New feats for spirit shaman - General and multiclassing feats
    Standard Action Fighter Feats - Things to do when you can't make a full attack
    Tripping Feats – Because tripping really needs to be more useful…
    Vow of Asceticism - For when simple poverty just isn't hardcore enough. Comes in psionic, magic, and incarnum flavors!

    Cartographomancy – Mapping and navigation. With magic!
    New spells for duskblades - new touch spells, most of which improve when delivered via a melee attack
    New spells for hexblades - Imposing Visage and Shadow and Substance
    Spells of the Order of the Hidden Fire - A number of spells designed to obscure or eliminate the symptoms of chronic disease
    Planar Breaching Spells
    Re-gifting Spells
    Magic of the Scroungers Setting - Spells to shape coral, detect and manipulate radiation, navigate and survive at sea, and other random things. Also includes new domains and a ritual mechanic for appropriately-cinematic group spellcasting
    New spells for spirit shaman

    Air Breather - Zombie-like creatures that constantly exhale atmosphere from their eternally-gaping maws
    Angler Fish - Comes in dire and swarm flavors.
    Baby War Elephant - A reduced HD elephant perfect for rearing as a faithful companion
    Breach Gnawer - Insect-like creatures who feed on the fabric of the planes
    Breach Gnawer Swarm - Because one just isn't enough
    Daddy Bunting - A fatherly fey creature that steals your children and turns them into woodland creatures
    Go-Stone Golem - A creature of stone, dust, and radiation
    Meerkat Swarm - The main inhabitant of the Giant Floating Algae Island of Death and Meerkats. Check the spoiler under "The Meadow and the Pools."
    Memory Thief - An aberration that feeds on memories
    Old True Love - A fey creature that lives in the stolen dreams of the lovelorn
    Puppy Swarm & Hedgehog Swarm – Adorable and deadly
    Reminiscence Ooze - Memories made amorphous flesh
    Rust Monarch - The queen of a rust monster hive
    Rust Monster - A few idiosyncratic modifications to an iconic creature
    Rustling - Larval rust monsters
    Salkylos - Predatory crustaceans who hunt in schools
    Shard Swarm - Swarms of tiny stones powered by lithified life energy
    Void Warrior - Formidable warriors adapted to airless environments

    Items & Equipment
    Elephant weaponry - New weapons to make your war elephant more deadly
    Go-Stone - Magi-geological nuclear power for D&D worlds
    Mephibosheth's Mess Hall's Culinary Enhancements (near the end of the post) - A great way to add some extra flavor to your adventures
    Poisons of A Song of Ice and Fire - Associated with my faceless man PrC, located in the sidebar spoiler in the first post
    Razor Slip-On’s – The deadliest footwear around
    Rust Monster Arcanoeconomics - Rust monster-based items for fun and profit
    Shadow Ink - Alchemical ink that is invisible except in areas of shadowy illumination. Of course, you could just use lemon juice, but what's the fun in that!
    Soma – A hallucinogenic plant
    Sonic Sentinel – A cactus that looks and sounds dangerous, but is it really?
    Sponge Coral - A special material that absorbs ability damage and safely stores go-stone
    A Tolkien Inventory - Non-weapon items from Middle Earth. So far includes: lembas, miruvor, orc draught, ent draught, and the Phial of Galadriel

    1001 Interesting Skill Obstacles
    The Ancient Gods - 8 vestiges based on Neil Gaiman's Anansi Boys
    Appraise Haggling – An alternate skill mechanic to make those shopping days fly by
    Giant Floating Algae Island of Death and Meerkats - Pretty self-explanatory, actually. Based on Life of Pi
    Mah'kaari - A disease god of variable alignment and personality

    Homebrew Handbooks
    The Duskblade Homebrew Handbook - Class variants, racial substitution levels, PrC's, feats, and new spells for Duskblades.
    The Hexblade Homebrew Handbook - New classes, PrCs, feats and spells to make playing a hexblade more fun!
    The Scout Homebrew Handbook - New classes, PrCs, feats, and alternate class features for scout players.
    The Spirit Shaman Homebrew Handbook - New classes, PrCs, feats and spells to expand options for spirit shaman players.

    Worlds & Major Projects
    Avatar: the Last Airbender d20 – On going project to adapt the world of the TV show to the d20 rules system. Includes 4 base classes, feats, and creatures. Also found here. Version 2.0 (in which I am a participant) found here.
    Ecology of the Rust Monster Re-Imagined - An insect-like re-imagining of the rust monster, including larval rust monsters and rust monster queens.
    Elephants in Fantasy Warfare - Alternate class features, feats, and modified creature statistics to facilitate the use of war elephants in D&D.
    The Giver d20 - d20 fantasy content inspired by Lois Lowry's The Giver (Original thread here)
    Project CUTE – squidgy widgy adowable. Includes base classes, creatures, feats, spells, and items.

    Contest Entries
    The Callers of the Summer Rain – An organization intent on bringing the rains. Includes a PrC and a new deity. Tears of Blood-specific
    The Interlayer Space – The void boundary between the Abyss and the 9 Hells. Includes new creatures, new spells, and a PrC
    The Mah’kaarite Sect – A religious group devoted to the god of diseases. Includes a new deity, 2 PrC’s, and a new spell
    Mephibosheth’s Mess Hall – D&D’s finest charity kitchen
    The Order of the Hidden Fire – An organization dedicated to protecting individuals from persecution. Includes new spells and a new item. Tears of Blood-specific
    Re-Gifting – D&D application of the tradition of re-gifting. Includes spells and a PrC

    I think that's everything...
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