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    "If they're the only others on this rock who have hands, I guess it makes more sense to assume it was them than to assume the village's people were responsible. I was just saying that if there is, or even might be, something else that could be responsible, I wouldn't want to slaughter the goblins until i had slightly more evidence it was them." He pays for his drink, then looks to Zerkz and Kleitos and asks "Would either of you be willing to compete with me, or do I have to take on the one who is actually good at it?"

    If either of them, or the old guy, accepts the challenge, my rolls are:

    dart 1 - (1d20+2)[11]
    dart 2 - (1d20+2)[5]
    dart 3 - (1d20+2)[11]
    dart 4 - (1d20+2)[18]

    Not the best, but better than the other two have been doing.
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