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    Current Projects:
    --[Class - Prestige] The Totem Master
    .....A nature-based character that calls upon the powers of the natural creatures of the world to aid him as he needs. Without all that bothersome wild shaping nonsense.
    --[Class - Prestige] The Fear Binder
    .....A spellcaster who learns ways to scare the bajeebers out of just about anything.

    Completed Projects:
    --[Class - Base] The Summoner
    .....A class dedicated to the summoning forth of various creatures to aid you in your adventures. Without resorting to any card game/video game likenesses or rip-offs.
    --[Class - Prestige] The Adroit Blade
    .....A deft swordsman (Or axeman, or any other slashing-type Or woman for that matter.) that relies on misdirection to leave his foe wide open to his (or her) deadly strikes.
    --[Class - Prestige] The Juggernaut
    .....Designed specifically for those classes that love their heavy armor, this monstrosity of a warrior just shrugs off the damage as he charges into battle.
    --[Class - Prestige] The Smasher
    .....Somewhat the opposite of the Adroit Blade. The Smasher goes into a battle to deal as much damage as physically possible, knocking his foes around the room, even if he might miss on occasion.
    --[Class - Prestige] The Unerring Sniper
    .....Assassins? Pfft! The unerring sniper can kill you from a quarter-mile away. Admittedly it takes a little patience, but that's what sniping is all about. Also makes ranged combat a little more interesting overall.

    Old Projects that I've never posted, but intend to when I can find my original work:
    --[Creature] Skitters
    .....A mostly harmless, but highly territorial, magical beast. Dwells underground, and blends in with natural rock. Not very dangerous, but ridiculously difficult to kill. The inpirational concept? Cross between a cockroach and a termite, but eats rock instead of wood. Dwarves hate 'em!
    --[Spell(s)] Fodoric's 'Spells to Annoy By'
    .....A collection of spells that I created based of a much loved wizard or mine, who endeared himself for being obnoxious but amusing at the same time.
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