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    Zerkz pays for a second round of beers. He's more than willing to settle his debts. To the old man:

    So what do you make of this goblin business? On the outside, seems pretty cut and dry, but I get a sense there's more than meets the eye here.

    After he gets his answer, he'll toss a few darts with Liam:

    Metaphysical Dart 1 - (d20+1)[5]
    Metaphysical Dart 2 - (d20+1)[21]
    Metaphysical Dart 3 - (d20+1)[2]
    Metaphysical Dart 4 - (d20+1)[19]

    Nice! Drinks on me anyway. Don't want you to think I'm a total ass- I got nothing against any'a you, by the way. It's those councilmen, they drive me crazy with their endless yammering. Like they say, how can you tell when a politician's lying? His mouth's moving.
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