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    The man's voice grows soft and a little husky at the question. "This goblin buisness has been a sad affair. I'm a carpenter by trade, so I knew most of the forresters that were killed. I lost some good friends that day, and I want to know why. I've lived on the same rock for the last twenty-four years, and in all that time we've had no trouble with the goblins at all. It just doesn't make any sense to me either. If they wanted us gone, they could have wiped us out easily eight years ago when the rock shower slammed into town."

    The man perks up as he changes the subject. "As for the town council, they seem to do their best. They've managed to get re-elected every year for the last few years. Dorian Argant is probably the most disliked of them all, but he has a level head when it comes to money."
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