Of course, it doesn't appear to match any TBS game that actually exists, especially with those last-second rescues like the one Ansom pulled off that couldn't happen in any actual TBS.

The closest game, in my opinion, is Warlords 2. The game had a non-joke version of just about every critter I've seen so far, and heroes were all-powerful. I can almost see a little screen with a row with Ansom, Vinnie, the Zam lady whose name escapes me, and a line of griffons, and another line of X-ed out dragons below it.

At the risk of causing this thread to close (as seems to happen every time this gets mentioned), this all-klog diet is getting a bit thin here. The start was good, the middle was good/irritating in a stretch-me-out way, but we don't seem to be getting our promised delivery here. It's about time for the Chunin Exam to get over with, if you know what I mean!