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    Default Avatar Battle Royale VI: We are the plot; Scripting is futile

    Welcome to Avatar Battle Royale VI:
    We are the Plot; Scripting is futile

    Rules by Bloddyredcommy
    Rules of ABR (up for confirmation), some of which are based off the rules of improv
    Rule 1: never act incautiously when confronted by a smiling old man with a broom
    Rule 2: Don't talk about ABR
    Rule 3: Commie can only make 3 joke rules.
    Rule 4: Don't Deny, if somebody does somthing not breaking the other rules you can't just ignore that it happened.
    Rule 5: Don't godmod others, It's okay to have somebody else say things, but don't have them make any big decisions.
    Rule 6: NO SHOWBOATING! in Improv every member is trying to make the rest of the ensamble look good, not to try to make themselves look good. You can still do awsome things, but don't completally overshadow everybody else.
    Rule 7: Build Up, if your going to change the plot in a major way, Don't do it all in one post, start it, making it clear what your trying to acheive, if other people want to stop it they can and we dont have to vote your post non-canon.
    Rule 8: Nothing is canon if it is not in a comic, we don't know the backstory youve cooked up, don't post a comic, then when somebody stops it say "That wouldn't work because of XYZ" unless your previously stated XY and Z.
    Rule 9: Don't finish lethal or incrediably dehabilitating attacks against other PC's, start them and give the other person a chance to react, its not "I cut your head off", its "I try to cut your head off", it's up to them whether or not you succeed.
    Rule 10: accept weakness, we are not all superman, we are not all invincible, its no fun if nobody loses anything.
    Rule 11: Get over yourself, there are other people in this plot to, so don't plan more then one post ahead and then get mad when people don't feel like going with what you want them to do, I don't care how awsome it seems.
    Amendments can be allowed, rules can be changed according to votes, ect.
    Rule 12: Please use the discussion thread for non-comic related posts to give threads extra longevity.

    Comic Form Rules by Lyinginbedmon

    Archives By Mechafox
    No Banner as of yet

    ABR VI trailer by Omicroncubed, with Art contributed by most of the cast


    Banners made my Kpenguin

    And these two by Mechafox

    And another by boomwolf

    Yet another by nameless

    A selection by Narrator

    And this one by Tiffanie Lirle

    And another by Lavidor

    And three by threeshades (see what i did there?)

    Avatar Battle Royale VI: We are the plot; Scripting is futile
    Here, they cannot die. But they will join the plot!

    Batalla de Avatar Royal VI: Somos el complot; Redactando es inútil
    Esta, no pueden morir. Pero se unirán a la parcela!

    And one by Ichneumon (Spanish Text by joshu@fran.com)

    Another by Ichneumon

    One by Szilard

    I need the rest of the banners. PM me with the URL for them.
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