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    Strennr approached the dead gnome and sat down cross legged beside it. Resting his chin in his hand, he pondered the events of today and what the gnome had said before he died. "Hmm... what do you know? Well, I guess we shall soon find out." Standing up, he held his arms outstretched at his sides and closed his eyes, one hand clutching his holy symbol. Smoothly bringing his empty hand in front of him, he began making the magical signs to breathe temporary life into the body. He also started chanting in a low, steady monotone. The air around the gnome's body grew chill has the necromantic power took hold.


    Suddenly the chanting ended, Strennr having finished the spell. The temperature returned to normal around the body, a fine mist dissipating on the breeze. He let his arms hang down at his side, and then turned to look at the others. "It is done. All that remains is to ask the questions." He crouched down next to the body and spoke to it. "Who are the enemy patrols working for?"
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