I'm assuming Torrent okays Jenair's joining us, and that we can therefore speak freely around her.

Lyanne looks out at the crowd. "With all this movement and chaos, it shouldn't be any trouble to reach the rendezvous unnoticed. Bringing our "package" along might be a different story, though. Perhaps it would be best to unload Lacrolus before we quite reach our destination and share his burden between us for the last short distance. In any case, we should move before this surge of people quite dries up."

She looks back at Jenair. "Chances are good we'll find ourselves having to react quickly again more than once before getting out of the city. Is there anything we need to know about you for such situations? Are you any sort of mage or mentalist, have you particular needs or a niche in a fight or out of one?"

She gestures towards the others. "We're all swords for the most part. Varcolac there has her lance if she's mounted. Helionaluxis can provide magical aid of various sorts if you stay close to her. Our employer," she indicates Torrent, "has a spell or two up her sleeve too. Life stories can wait until we have a campfire to trade them around, but if you've anything relevant of that sort now's the time to share it."