"Hoy, no need for that yet," Lyanne says when she sees Varcolac unloading. "We just need to unload what we want to bring to the rendezvous, and that only when we're close. No need to leave this other stuff behind or carry it ourselves. And I agree, now's the time to move."

She addresses Jenair as they move out, trying to keep with the last remnants of the crowd. "We have something to collect to take out of the city, and something of a little use to trade for it. Discretion is worth more than valor at the moment, so I'll leave it at that until we have something like privacy. That may be available at our destination."

She turns to Torrent. "Varcolac could accompany you while we wait with the mount, if you want to keep our profile low. Given the chaos I don't think it'll matter much if we all join you, though I'd still leave the bug a street or two away."

"Would any of the magic you know extend to concealing movement?" she returns to Jenair.