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    Default Re: Whitefeather - OotS fancomic updated regularly

    Yes, and it seems to me to be more a paladin vs. barbarian. One of them misses some of the more colourful letters out.

    Oh, and to keep on topic: brilliant comic, I put 11gp on the fish!
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    For the last time, it stands for Shadow of Darkness!

    Thankin' Nevitan fer me babytar!

    Kasaad Shadowweb-Chitine Paladin of Freedom (now a clickable link!).

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    SoD is my favorite too.
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    SoD casts Pun
    SoD's Pun crits TigerHunter for 10k.
    TigerHunter dies.

    Genderbender week comin' up! SoDess by Bisected8 *applause*