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    "Welcome to Spielburg Valley." The leader of an overstaffed checkpoint-fortress at the narrowest part of the pass into the valley greets you as you enter. Though most of you arrive at different times, the scene is the same, as though he's reading from a pre-written script. "I must warn you before coming in, Spielburg is not safe for travellers, only hunters responding to the Baron's bounty should cross this point, as we cannot garuntee your safety while in the valley until the hunt is successful. Until then, we're here to ensure the beast doesn't escape the valley, and to protect the citizens. of Spielburg.

    The Baron recommends that you not go anywhere alone. Beyond the beast, monstrous tribes have grown bold since we stopped making patrols, and are ambushing lone hunters in the woods.

    While in Spielburg, you are welcomed to stay at Harrington's Inn, as the Baron has graciously offered to cover the living expenses of every hunter who comes to the Valley. You would do well to talk to the hunters who have already ventured into the forest, especially Taen Kras, who has fought the beast and survived three times now. Many of them are in Harringtons, or at the temporary hospital set up in the Shrine to Obad-Hai near the fields.

    Good Luck, and Good Hunting."

    The town itself is a mile and a half down the road, an uneventful end to an otherwise uneventful trip to the valley, and contains all the basic necessitities of life. Harrington's is the only Inn in town, and practically overflowing with customers by now. Small shops carry sundry goods, but anything particularly well-made has already been bought up (Anything nonmagical less than 50 gold from the PhB is available without even asking about it) - The Shrine to Obad-Hai, formerly a small dwelling for the priest and his apprentice who ensured good harvests, has blossomed out with tents and cots for wounded guardsmen and hunters to rest in. Any stock of potions they once kept up have already been taken, and the two clergymen are overworked in the extreme.

    The Baron's keep, which overlooks the village, is closed for the moment, anyone not bringing news of a successful hunt is turned away. Beyond it all are the fields, worked by nervous peasants and patrolled at the edges by a sturdy force of guardsmen.

    The rest of the valley is untamed woodlands, where the best paths you can see are deer trails.
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