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    Green Bear

    Bear finds the din and chaos of the bar as acceptable from his position. He doesn't sit at the table in much of a slouch nor with feet propped up. No, he seems more intent on looking to see if anyone can give cause to his earlier plans of ousting a troublemaker and taking their room.

    It's like a buffet in that regard, though after a few moments more, the bounty hunter resigns himself to hopeful patience. At least for now.

    Geoffery and Besil he glances at with a brutish look, but doesn't seem to find them much of a threat and makes a point of ignoring them for now. No, after more waiting for an ale-jack and food, the barbarian finally starts to lean his eyes and ears towards the six boastful youths. Within reach of where he sits, Bear gives them a half-hearted scowl while listening to their claims, trying hard not to laugh at such merry entertainment.
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