Walking at the edge of the road, the woman studies the various people as they move past her. An invitation such as the baron has issued brings people with vastly different motives together, and it was fun to try and guess what they were. Eventually the town proper came into view. It was obviously that it wasn't typically this busy as people seemed to overflow out of several different areas.

Moving over to an open space off the road, the woman fished through her pack until she found her comb. Emptying a bit of water onto a cloth, she wiped the dust of the journey from her hands, face and armor, finishing by combing her hair. She then packed everything away and started off once more. When she reached the main street she could plainly hear the crowd over in what had to be Harringtons. For only a short time past midday they seemed to already be fairly deep into their ale cups.

Giving Harringtons a miss for the time being, she moved to the general goods shop, which was also bustling with activity and waited until one of the clerks notices and and then she asked to speak with the shopkeeper.

"Well now," she says in a lilting voice when (s)he came over to where she was standing. "I was wonderin' if ye'd be int'rested in a bit 'o consignment considerin' all the traffic ye've got here." She opens a pouch at her belt and pulls out several silver bracelets and three pairs of earrings. They are done in a current but timeless style and two of the bracelets are set with blue stones. "Since ye've got the customers and I've got the stuff, we 'kin make each other happy, yes?"