In Harrington's Inn, the boistrous boys are quite loud, and perfectly audible to anyone specifically paying attention to them, (DC: 10 listen)

"You all know there isn't an animal in the world I can't trap. When we go out to check those nets tomorrow, you'll see." One was saying as the conversation comes into focus.

"Bah Paul! You saw the guard's armor just like we did, that thing's claws can cut through steel! Even if it is stupid enough to fall for your traps, it'll slash them to shreds. Now a good hit on the head from someone with proper training, THAT will bring the thing down." The largest one shot back with a snigger.

"A Real man, huh? You think you're better than the King's own? Obviously it's stronger than any man, you'll be on your knees thanking me for saving your lives with a little honest magic." The smallest one cut in. You'd have never guessed he was a wizard if he hadn't just admitted it, dressed identically to the others and well-built from a farmboys childhood.

"Listen to lil' Tom, he goes off to school and comes back his first year, thinking he's some kind of archmage or something!" The larger one streched his arm out and snagged Tom in a headlock, making him the victim of a playful noogy, "C'mon little brother, let's see your magic get you out of this!"

The rest of the men, brothers all from how similar they looked, waited with baited breath while Tom whispered something beneath his breath, managing to ignore his bigger brother. "What was that? Huh Tom?"

"You've had enough, John. Go to sleep." John, the big one, suddenly relaxed, falling off his chair to the floor to the drunken cheers of his brothers.

"He going to be okay, Tom?" What looked like the eldest asked him with concern.

"Yeah yeah, just drag him upstairs and let him sleep. He'll have a headache in the morning, that's all."

"Good good, I'll get him to bed then." The eldest said, standing up, "Just remember brothers, we're not here for ourselves, we're here for Mom, and Dad, and all the folks back in Brielle.

Aye, for Brille!” They (Sans the sleeping one) intoned as one!

About the time when the Eldest has his brother’s arm over his shoulder, ready to drag him off to sleep is when they notice Vincent coming up to talk to them. The eldest pauses in his brotherly duties for a moment to begin the conversation, “Something the matter, mister?

The shopkeeper gives Marin a concerned look. “Are you in some kinda’ve trouble, miss, that you’ve got to be coming all the way out here, especially when it’s so dangerous out, just to try and sell these things?

As for Rogan, Taen Kras spends a good few moments just looking at him judgmentally. Finally, he answers the barrage of questions, “You’re awful rude for someone who needs so much help.